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A High Tech Industry client (hereafter referred to as “The Company”) is the leading imaging and printing systems provider in the world for printer hardware, printing supplies and scanning devices, providing solutions across customer segments from individual consumers to small and medium businesses to large enterprises. Based out of Europe, one particular business group maintains operations in Europe, Asia, and North America, designing, deploying, and supporting printing devices, printing supplies and innovative printing solutions to clients all over the world.
Cloud Computing and the establishment of a formal approach to the design, development, and governance of architecture represent two significant goals for this group. Within the broader enterprise, a major push toward the Cloud is underway and the discipline of information systems architecture is another area of increasing focus.


This group expressed two very distinct, and yet related needs at strategic and tactical levels. At a strategic level, a gap was recognized regarding their alignment around a common vision of Cloud Computing. Every leader within the group had a different level of Cloud understanding and a different vision regarding how to align with the larger enterprise Cloud strategy and delivery of Cloud-enabled capabilities to the marketplace.
At a more tactical level, the group recognized a need for increasing maturity around information technology architecture discipline. No formal structure or methodology existed for the definition and development of architecture. As the group engaged with various internal groups within the company’s enterprise, each one uses different terms, methods, and deliverables. Worse yet, different architectural inputs and outputs are used and expected by each group. The absence of a standardized approach to the definition and implementation of architecture was a huge drain on resources and productivity.


Web Age delivered a two-pronged solution to support the group’s strategic and tactical needs. Initially, Web Age crafted and delivered a two-day Cloud Computing summit at the European campus. This summit included over 100 engineers, architects, analysts, and leaders, along with a global audience that viewed the summit remotely. After presenting to the entire audience for the first half-day, small team break-out sessions were conducted for a day and a half to support various strategy and planning activities within subsets of the group. On the second day of the summit, Web Age facilitated an executive-level briefing and strategy planning session to explore the group-specific implications of Cloud Computing and especially Cloud Printing. Additional educational briefings and level-setting seminars are currently being planned for other Company locations in 2011 and following.

Tactically, Web Age kicked off a mentoring program in November 2010 to provide the the group’s architecture leadership with hands-on guidance in crafting a best-of-breed architecture practice. This mentoring program is on-going and designed to iron out the process, approach, and deliverables for a consistent approach to architecture within and between teams. While the initial starting point for this work has been rooted in the TOGAF methodology, additional methodologies and techniques are being introduced to produce a more agile and results-driven approach to the design and delivery of Information Technology solutions.


The Cloud Computing summit is regarded as a critical component of the group’s ability to quickly understand and assess the viability of Cloud Computing and develop a cohesive strategy to capitalize upon Cloud Printing as a delivery mechanism for current and emerging capabilities within the enterprise. Moreover, the company is currently planning additional Web Age seminars in 2011 and beyond to build upon the success and momentum begun at the summit in October 2010.

On the tactical mentoring side of the equation, the Company recognizes the valuable expertise and knowledge-transfer that Web Age brings to the table. Through an on-going collaboration, Web Age is providing targeted guidance regarding the refinement and maturing of the enterprise’s architectural process and governance practices.

US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887