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With support from a Charitable Organization, a multinational group of University libraries is developing the design for a new infrastructure, an alternative to the current model of an Integrated Library System. The goal is to produce an open library system that is designed by and for the library community. This project consists of two primary phases.  Phase 1 involves scoping, process modeling, and detailed requirements gathering.  Phase 2 involves analysis, design, and implementation of the open software stack.


The team, consisting of 25 distinct institutions, recognized early on that there was a need for SOA expertise to be provided by an outside firm.  The Charitable organization recommended a small consulting team that had worked with other projects.  Initially this was a good fit, but within a few months it became apparent that the project’s demands were beyond the capabilities of this consulting team.  There was a need to look for other organizations that could step in to rescue the project.  After completing their due diligence, Web Age Solutions was selected to lead the project.


Web Age Solutions provided critical guidance and expertise around SOA adoption, business process modeling, SOA architecture and design, and project planning.  Much of the expertise provided by Web Age was delivered in the form of hands-on mentoring workshops, but consulting and knowledge transfer was also provided via web conferencing and collaborative design sessions over the web.  Most of the work artifacts were produced by the team with the facilitated assistance of Web Age mentors.  One notable exception is the Reference Model (a cornerstone for the project) designed by Web Age, which served to provide the project with critical structure and an important unifying design artifact for the dispersed project members.


Web Age stepped in and salvaged a struggling project.  Critical knowledge transfer was provided combined with expert facilitation skills, capable of engaging and unifying 25 representatives and their various objectives and agendas.  The project successfully completed Phase 1 on time and under budget and is now beginning to launch Phase 2 with the guidance of Web Age experts.

US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887