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What’s in your Toolbox?

Establish a Common Approach to Architecture with the Right Toolbox Challenge: If you asked an architect to design a solution on the back of a napkin – I bet they would. If you asked them to tell you how they do architecture and write that on the back of a napkin – I bet they couldn’t.



Connecting Architecture with Business Value

Architecture is an emerging art and science focused on maximizing the value of technology assets to the current needs of the business. It means designing with a clear business purpose in mind, but also designing with clear process in mind.

Web Age Solutions developed the Toolbox™ as a way of assessing how architects are doing what they do. It assumes that your company has lots of tools that it uses for this task today, but it may be making a lot of assumptions that lead to inconsistencies in execution. The toolbox is about assessing Architecture maturity, but it is also about enabling an organization to more rapidly adopt the parts of TOGAF or Agile or other frameworks that would help boost performance.

It is useful for companies and individuals to frame their own approach to architecture while they develop and refine a more complete approach for the entire architecture organization.


What goes into an Architecture Toolbox™?

Architecture is typically created in an ad-hoc fashion with each team and in some cases each practitioner approaching architecture in a unique fashion. The architecture toolbox is all about driving consistency in defining three things:


  • Three things every architect must HAVE – defining architecture roles
  • One thing every architect must DO – defining the architecture process / method
  • Four things every architect may USE – defining architecture resources and enablers

How do you use The Toolbox™?

  1. New / Aspiring Architect – Lay out a comprehensive and logical path to become an architect
  2. Current Architect – Validate your own approach to architecture and look for gaps
  3. Enterprises – Make sense of all the things out there with the word ‘architect’ and put some structure in place so that various architecture practitioners within the organization can speak the same language.

The usage of the toolbox by individuals and organizations is closely linked to the concept of Architecture Maturity (and the corresponding Meta-Architecture Maturity Model™). Often the toolbox is used as a frame of reference to discuss one or more aspects of an individual’s, team’s, or organization’s architecture maturity.

Our Approach

  • Step 1 – Business Context Setting and Initial Discovery Session (1 day)
  • Step 2 – Architecture Foundation Workshop (3 days)
  • Step 3 – Architecture Toolbox Maturity Planning and Roadmapping (2 days)
  • Step 4 – Populating your Architecture Toolbox (6 weeks – 2 months)
  • Step 5 – Retrospectives and Refactoring (1 day per month)
US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887