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Web Age specializes in providing mentoring and consulting services that actually yield more value than it costs you to engage our team.

From the moment you begin a Web Age engagement, you will be blown away by the combination of professionalismexpertise, and fanatic pursuit of customer satisfaction.

Let us partner with you on your next project and you’ll experience all of this first-hand.


A Web Age mentoring engagement is a custom blend of knowledge transfer in the classroom that is reinforced by hands-on mentoring centered on a specific project within your enterprise. Most organizations choose to have us work with them on their pilot project, or the initial enterprise roll-out for their new initiative. We can help you mitigate risk and avoid costly mistakes early in the adoption process. In other cases, enterprises bring our mentors in-house to support a project on an extended-basis as senior architects and key members of the governance team.


  • An active participant in the lifecycle of a project.
  • An experienced consultant with a comprehensive methodology for knowledge transfer.
  • A mentor has a “been there and done that” relationship with the technology and techniques being employed and promoted within the organization.

Web Age Solutions is a thought leader in both object-oriented and service-oriented technologies. We are not only aware of the changes in technology, but are in many ways helping to shape those changes.

Our mentors transfer knowledge by drawing upon a unique combination of experience, natural talent, and cultivated skills. In addition to an incredible grasp of business and technology, Web Age mentors are exceptional communicators.

Web Age mentors are renowned industry experts. They are seasoned practioners, published authors, popular public speakers, and open source contributors.


If there is one thing that really sets Web Age apart from our competitors, its the fact that we prefer to transfer knowledge to our clients rather than hoard knowledge and keep our clients in the dark. Most consulting organizations aim to build a dependency relationship upon their resources. The less you know about what they are doing, the more you will need them to keep doing it…and keep billing you. We call this dependency consulting and its something you have likely come to expect.

We operate differently. We transfer tips, tricks, methods, techniques, and best practices throughout every single Web Age engagement. We work with our clients to build internal expertise and aim for the day when you are able to operate without depending on us for daily tasks.

Simply put – we prefer to work ourselves out of job, building more value for you by developing internal experts that can operate independently. Although dependency-style consulting is lucrative, we don’t think it’s a good value for you or for us.

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