Instructor Led Angular Training with Web Age Solutions

The use of Angular as a way to develop client-side web applications has been trending upward for some time. Angular is adaptable to various development efforts and is a good choice for many enterprise businesses.
Angular code is developed using technologies like TypeScript and SAS which provide advanced functionality over plain JavaScript and CSS. When using these technologies an extra compilation stage is added to the development process.

Angular was developed to solve the problems inherent in existing JavaScript application development. The HTML markup language was originally designed to display static web pages and to move from one page to another using simple links. As individual pages grew larger and more complex they took longer to load into the browser. Web apps today have complex requirements. They need to retrieve data from the backend server and display it to the users, collect data from users, validate input and submit it to a backend server. In addition they need to allow for navigation between views without reloading the entire DOM. Supporting these functions in a typical JavaScript application requires a lot of complex code. This is where Angular comes in! It includes these and more features allowing developers to concentrate on application code. This allows them to build modern web applications quickly and in a highly maintainable way. These and other features are what make Angular popular. In addition the Angular framework is suitable for the creation of both large and small sized applications! Leveraging Agular’s features allows you to speed up your development process.

As a multifunctional framework Angular is ideal for creating single page applications in which data and view are separated as per the MVC pattern. The functionalities of Angular like two-way data binding, dependency injection and deep linking makes it the most powerful and robust platform for the developers to work on.

The Angular open-source framework is a powerful tool. It enables developers to create, test and update high quality web apps quickly.

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