Why Angular is Better

Angular is an open source web development framework for creating apps that run in the browser. Angular applications are coded in TypeScript which is then compiled into JavaScript prior to execution in the browser. They also take advantage of web services which can be called directly from the Angular code.

Angular is the next iteration of the AngularJS framework. It has been re-engineered to improve load times and add features such as view animation and enhanced navigational routing. Instead of simply revising AngularJS they created and entirely new project named “Angular” which was then re-engineered from the ground up.

Web apps today have numerous and complex requirements. For example they; retrieve data from servers, display that data, collect new data from users, validate the data and submit it to a backend server. In addition they navigate between views and do so without reloading the entire DOM. A lot of JavaScript code is needed to support these requirements. This is where Angular comes in. It lets developers rapidly build modern web applications in a highly maintainable and modular fashion. Simply put, it is popular because it enables fast development!

Angular is geared towards the requirements of modern single page applications (SPA). Code is developed following the Model, View, Controller (MVC) paradigm which makes it easier for developers to write and maintain it. This becomes an even greater advantage in larger and more complex projects.

For better search engine optimization (SEO) Angular supports rendering the initial view on the server side with faster load time as an added benefit.

Angular provides the flexibility to load an entire application at start up time or to lazy load modules as the user navigates through various features of the application.

Angular supports 2-way binding which means that HTML code such as items in a list can automatically be updated along with changes in JavaScript variables.

The way Angular is built lends itself to unit testing. As your project gets larger and developers come and and go, unit tests ensure that new changes do not lead to defects in the existing codebase.

These are just a few of the key benefits of using Angular! To learn more, visit our Angular Training and Courseware page.