Are You Losing ROI
When Upskilling
Your IT Team?

    Need to upskill your team to keep up with the constant changes to your technical environment?

    Apply these tips before, during, and after your IT upskilling program to ensure your team hits their business goals.

    In just 10 minutes, you’ll learn:

    The importance of laying the groundwork
    Don’t forget to align business goals with upskilling results as well as build a training schedule that enables you to meet project deadlines.

    Why multi-modal training is key
    Online lectures, self-serve e-learning, hands-on labs — how does your team learn best? We explain why different delivery methods provide better results.

    How to utilize employee feedback
    We explain why it’s critical to survey your employees before, during, and after the training so you can improve in the next round.

    The role metrics play in upskilling
    A proven evaluation model helps you measure your success against your initial business goals to determine your upskilling results.


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