Go from Zero to Hero while making learning fun and providing ROI!

AWS Training with a Twist

Start with a standard AWS course like AWS SysOps and add games, quizzes, hackathons and interactive scenarios.  The course would deliver the Official AWS curriculum with labs, but drive the subjects home with fun interactive games. We can also execute specific AWS functions with your favorite build tools and or actual implementation of the learned AWS using infrastructure tools/orchestration of choice like terraform, cloudformation, or ansible.



  • No presentation, only games, puzzles, and challenges to increase open exploration and fun modes of learning specific tasks.
  • Story-based learning for each course that creates meaningful contexts based on real-world scenarios
  • Micro-modules that are focused on a particular task with AWS + tools such as the lifecycle of files in S3 with Ansible or creating a production available EC2 instances with Terraform.
  • Adaptive assessment to find out what value a module will offer for an individual.
  • Coursework that can be customized a la carte so that your AWS learning can happen with your tools, using your frameworks.

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