Student and Instructor FAQs

This page addresses frequently asked questions for students and instructors.

Get answers to all of your questions and help with logging in, student materials
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After a student registers for a class, how do they get information on how to access the student portal and other class materials?


Upon registration, the student should receive an email similar to the one located below. Clicking on the sign-in link towards the bottom of this email provides access to the student portal.


What information is included in the student portal?


The ‘Dashboard’ view that a student sees after logging into the portal will display all Web Age classes that they are currently enrolled in. Clicking on each class will open a new window displaying detailed information on each class, including links to the live session, the instructor’s name and contact information, the client representative’s name and contact information, links to download course materials, supplemental quizzes and documents, and dates and times for future classes.


How do I navigate and use the student portal?


Watch our YouTube video that shows you how to navigate and use the student portal:


How do students access class evaluations?


The link for most class evaluations can be found in the student portal as seen below.

For Microsoft courses, a PDF (titled “Final Evaluations”) will be added in the portal.



How do students receive information on where to access course materials and classes?


Students will receive an email with instructions on how to login to the student portal the week prior to the class start date. The email will provide class-specific instructions on how to access the student portal and where to find class materials.


How and when do students receive information on how to access their virtual machine for their labs?


Students can find instructions on how to access virtual machines used to facilitate in-class labs on the Student Portal. Labs typically become available two to three business days before the class start date.




How do I receive my password to the student portal?


Students will receive an email that provides first-time access to the student portal. Once this link is activated, an email will be sent to them containing their password. Students may then use that password to log in to the portal.


Can students use a MacBook to take Web Age classes?


Yes! Students can use a MacBook to attend the class and to access their lab environment. Instructions on how to use a MacBook to connect to their virtual lab environment are contained in the Lab Access Instructions (access to this document is as noted above). MacBook instructions are noted throughout the document:



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