Package Outline

Module 1 Introduction To Node Js

‘Node.js’ or just ‘Node’ is a platform for building JavaScript Applications. It’s built on top of Google’s ‘V8’ JavaScript engine – which includes a just-in-time compiler, so it’s fast.

Module 2 Module And Dependency Management

Node lets you organize your code into modules and reference those modules from other code.

Module 3 The File System Module

In an earlier presentation, we talked about core modules. ‘fs’ is the core module that works with the file system and does disk I/O.

Module 4 Basic Web Application Development

‘http’ is a core module that lets you develop web server and client applications.

Module 5 Debugging And Unit Testing

In this module, we’re going to talk about the challenge of creating software that works.

Module 6 Introduction To Express

Express is a web framework build on top of Node’s ‘http’ module. It provides all the features you need to build a large web application.

Module 7 Express Middleware

Middleware in the ‘Express’ sense is a function that gets added to the HTTP request processing pipeline. Not at the end of it, ‘in the middle’ of it.

Module 8 Using The Jade Template Engine

Jade lets you output dynamic HTML from your Express web application.

Module 9 Accessing Mongodb

MongoDB is an open-source document database designed for ease of development and scaling.

Module 10 Clustering And Failover

If you have cpu-intensive operations, node provides the ‘cluster’ module to spread out the load over multiple processes.

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