Package Outline

Module 1 Arrays

Arrays in Java can be comprised of primitive types or objects, but each element in the array is of the same type.

Module 2 Commonly Overridden Methods

Overriding methods in Java allows us to redefine a method inherited from a superclass.

Module 3 Interfaces And Polymorphism

Casting Objects – Casting of objects refers to an explicit conversion of one datatype to another.

Module 4 Useful Java Classes

In this module, we’ll take a look at some useful Java utilities like the logging API, StringBuilder, and StringTokenizer.

Module 5 Collections And Generics

The collections framework are classes we can use to create data structures that hold other objects. This chapter will give us an overview of some of the classes contained in the collections API.

Module 6 Input And Output

We’ll take a look at files, serialization, streams, readers and writers, and buffers and channels.

Module 7 Other Java Concepts

In this module we’ll take a look at a few miscellaneous topics like annotations, enumerations, assertions and the Java Memory Model.

Module 8 Overview Of Java Sr Api

In this chapter we’ll take a look at some of the main packages in Java that we can use and discuss the general purpose of each.

Module 9 Overview Of Javaee

The Java enterprise edition extends the Java standard edition with additional support and API that allow us to create client/server applications.


Module 1 – Arrays – 19:02
Module 2 – Commonly Overridden Methods – 15:28
Module 3 – Interfaces and Polymorphism – 16:27
Module 4 – Useful Java Classes – 17:26
Module 5 – Collections and Generics – 28:56
Module 6 – Input and Output – 23:22
Module 7 – Other Java Concepts – 17:39
Module 8 – Overview of Java SE API – 12:34
Module 9 – Overview of JavaEE – 27:52
Labs 1-9 – 45 minutes each, 6.75 hours total.

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