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iFLeX: Instructor Facilitated eLearning


Self-paced video education with a twist! Hands on labs, instructor support, end of course assessment and flexible schedule.

iFLeX (Instructor Facilitated Flexible eLearning) Highlights

iFLeX is priced on average 40% less than a traditional onsite class for a group of 12

iFLeX :ROI: Program structure ensures completion of eLearning!
iFLeX: ROI: End of course assessment validates knowledge transfer!
iFLeX: Offers the FLeXibility to provide training that accommodates project deadlines and deliverables!
iFLeX: Maps to our in-house developed content!
iFLeX: eLearning with Instructor support!
iFLeX: eLearning with 24 x 7 access to hands on labs!
iFLeX: FLeXibility for learner but with defined start and end dates!

With iFLeX organizations can maximize their training budgets by combing self-paced video learning with the added benefit of hands on labs and the support of a trainer.


The Web Age Solutions approach goes beyond the video libraries offered widely on the market place by providing a complete feedback loop and support for students throughout their learning experience:

  • Instructor support
  • Hands on labs
  • Collaboration website with additional instructor support and other value adds
  • Relevant webinar offered during month the training is delivered
  • iFLeX keeps participants focused and on-track
  • Certification test (optional)

Collaboration site features

Once students are registered for the training they will receive a user name and password to the site in advance of the start date.
The site provides access to:

  • The video
  • Soft copy materials
  • Group chat
  • Schedule of dates and times with live trainer that can be saved to their outlook calendar.
  • Lecture/lab agenda HTML page.
  • G2W (our virtual presentation platform) access for scheduled trainer times.
  • Access to Cloud to connect to labs remotely during the month long session.
  • Lab Setup instructions if they want to install labs locally. (This allows participants to have access to a lab environment after the training is completed)
  • Link to related recorded webinars.

Business need:

A corporate client had a need for Java training but did not want a traditional class that would remove valuable employees from the work place for 5 consecutive days. While there are numerous eLearning options available most do not offer Instructor facilitated support and or hands on lab exercises. Additionally traditional eLearning/self-study often has no real timeline and often just doesn’t get done.

Solution: iFLeX – Instructor Facilitated Flexible Training on your schedule, at your pace

Web Age has developed our iFLeX blended training option. Our Java curriculum (which can be delivered in a traditional model over 5 instructor led days) can also be delivered over a one month period blending 3 hours of video content (12modules) with instructor support, hands on labs, a collaboration web site for students and a certification test (optional).

Solution: Blending self-study with instructor support -the best of both worlds:

Sample Program:   Introduction to Java iFLeX Learning Solution
Video:                        12 Modules just under 3 hours of video plus 9 labs (5-6 hours)

Week 1:
The students will be introduced to the program by the trainer and will commence watching the video and doing the labs. During the first week we require that students watch at least the first three (3) modules of the video and do at least one (1) lab.
Throughout all 4 weeks instructor support via collaboration site is available (see below for features of collaboration site).
Throughout all 4 weeks remote hands on lab access is available to all students 24/7.

Week 2:
1/2 day of dedicated live Instructor support is scheduled (usually on Monday). The instructor will be scheduled for a quick review to reinforce the most important concepts from the video and answer any questions about the lab work; other options may include certification preparation sessions if appropriate and a discussion of the most commonly asked questions received from email chat/on the collaboration site.

Week 3:
Students continue with labs; Instructor is available for a full day of support (usually scheduled for Monday) as above.

Week 4:
Students finish labs by Wednesday. Instructor is available Thursday for a ½ day as above. Students take the certification test on Friday (optional). The instructor will provide feedback on test results utilizing the collaboration site (results will be private) within a week of the end of the session.

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