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Why train in JavaScript in Dallas?

Is Dallas set to become the new Silicon Valley? Maybe! Forbes recently compiled a list of up and coming tech hotspots in the US and ranked Dallas as one of the top 5 growing tech meccas. Although it’s not the most well known of America’s tech areas and not yet home to any giant tech businesses such as Twitter, Apple, or Google, Dallas is rapidly gaining a reputation as a center for tech and innovation. Over the last few years Dallas’ tech industry has been experiencing a rapid growth with the city now home to over 11,000 tech businesses. The growing number of tech businesses also boosted the number of tech jobs in Dallas and the city now hosts the largest number of tech workers in Texas. The rewards of living and working in the city haven’t gone unnoticed and SmartAsset named Dallas as the 4th best tech city in the US to work in.

Even with the largest share of Texas’ tech workers businesses in Dallas are still struggling to recruit key tech talent in this highly competitive market. The rapid growth of the industry combined with Dallas needing to hire more tech workers than it currently trains each year is creating a talent shortage that could have a major impact on many businesses. One solution to solving recruitment issues is to train existing talent to fill important roles, such as JavaScript Developers, within the organization. This is a cost effective solution that brings a number of benefits to a business including performance improvements, greater team knowledge, and improved moral. Training is especially important when it comes to JavaScript as it is not only an evolving language but it’s coding role is now essential for the creation of high quality apps and websites. Dallas, with its innovative environment, large pool of tech talent, and continued growth, is the perfect place for a business to harness the power of JavaScript to help the organization achieve its goals.

What is JavaScript?

There are three coding languages that are used to build websites, apps, and games, these are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. While HTML and CSS can provide a code foundation for sites, games or applications, they need the flexibility of JavaScript to become fully functional and interactive. One of the most important aspects of JavaScript is that it’s a multi-paradigm language that can support object-oriented, functional, and imperative programming. This makes JavaScript is an incredibly powerful language that is used to create the functionality of all dynamic or interactive components on websites, games, and applications. Without JavaScript sites and apps would only be able to show static data, which means that components like maps, graphics, forms, and updates wouldn’t be able to function. Put simply, JavaScript is a coding powerhouse!

Should you train your team in JavaScript?

While advanced JavaScript knowledge was once a nice skill for your team to have it’s now essential for any business that needs to create consumer facing games, websites, or apps. The way consumers interact with businesses is evolving every day, with their expectations for a seamless and high quality user experience growing each day. Keeping your team up to date with the latest JavaScript techniques isn’t just an investment in your talent, it’s also an investment in the long term success of your business. Without this training it will be impossible to stay ahead of consumer needs or create exceptional user experiences. Ongoing training allows your team to learn and stay in line with JavaScript best practices. These methodologies will bring many benefits to the business such as improved efficiency through all stages of the planning and development process and the creation of higher quality releases. JavaScript training empowers your team to fully harness the power of this powerful code and gives them the opportunity to master advances in this continuously evolving technology and associated frameworks.

Another benefit of investing in the ongoing education of your team is that it ensures that your business builds products using the same foundational knowledge. This common level of education improves the understanding within the team, facilitates communication, and enables the software production process to run smoothly and efficiently. JavaScript training will shorten development time, improve product quality, and ensure that your business creates the best user experience for its consumers.

JavaScript classes in Dallas from Web Age Solutions

Web Age Solutions has been providing JavaScript classes in Dallas and throughout the US for many years. As a leading supplier of enterprise level training we understand how important it is for teams not just to learn JavaScript but also have the skills and confidence needed to use their knowledge in a business environment. We’ve developed a large selection of JavaScript courses to help keep teams up to date with all best practice and language developments. Our JavaScript courses in Dallas are available in three formats: online classes, video courses, and traditional in person training. This flexible learning schedule ensures that your team has access to the training they need when they need it. Our course options cover a range of topics ranging from introductory courses to advanced JavaScript classes. Training is available in all of the leading JavaScript frameworks including Node.js, ReactJS, and AngularJS.

Some of our most popular JavaScript Classes in Dallas include:

  • Mastering jQuery Training

This is a 2-day JavaScript training course that’s targeted at front-end web developers who have knowledge of DOM API and JavaScript. The classes give students a thorough knowledge of the jQuery JavaScript toolkit that can be used with all vendor platforms. The curriculum covers Ajax, event models, plugins, manipulating page elements, JQuery basics, and using selectors.

  • Introduction to Angular 4 Training

With the introduction to Angular 4 course graduates will leave with a thorough understanding of the Angular 4 framework. The training covers the key components of writing Angular code, using Angular to create single page web applications, building and working with Angular forms, exchanging data with the Angular HTTP client, and much more. Training is provided through both lectures and lab exercises that are designed to allow students to fully understand the subject and gain hands on experience of using the Angular framework. Students need experience with all three coding languages to take this class.

  • Advanced JavaScript for Web 2.0 Training

This advanced JavaScript course covers both the theoretical and technical aspects of front-end JavaScript development. The thorough curriculum provides students with knowledge of a wide range of topics including testing JavaScript programs, AngularJS, and JavaScript best practices.

Graduates will leave knowing how to code JavaScript programs.

Dallas JavaScript and Coding Course Listings

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Web Age Solutions has developed a range of JavaScript classes in Dallas that are designed to give students a cutting edge JavaScript education. Our courses are used and recommended by many fortune 500 companies. We offer a selection of courses that cover many areas of JavaScript development. Students graduate from our JavaScript classes not just with a thorough understanding of the covered subjects but also the confidence to use that knowledge in an enterprise level business environment. Browse through the list of courses above to find the right JavaScript training in Dallas for your team. If you have questions or would like to discuss training solutions for JavaScript certification in Dallas call our team at (877) 517-6540.

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