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Dallas has a wealth of architecture and design to explore, from Reunions Tower’s LED-illuminated globe to the sleek showcase of artworks at the Nasher Sculpture Center to the gorgeous greenery at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. But that’s not the only kind of architecture to admire in Dallas. With various Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Dallas including J.C Penny, Texas Instruments, American Airlines and AT&T, Enterprise Architecture also gets a lot of attention in the city locals call “The Big D”.

According to Forbes magazine, Dallas is the number one city for jobs in 2017. Now more than ever, virtually every company requires some capacity in tech, especially applying architectural best practices. Experienced tech workers with Enterprise Architecture training are increasingly needed to design the varying levels of complex frameworks to support system-wide technical and business architecture requirements.

Web Age Enterprise Architecture classes are taught at locations throughout the Dallas area and other Texas venues, delivered in traditional classroom courses, live virtual courses, and online video training.

Skilled technical enterprise architects and systems analysts assist with developing business, technical, and functional processes and requirements. They define processes for technical platforms, system specifications, and technical and business compatibility. These are key responsibilities of enterprise architecture with the end goal of making IT cheaper, more strategic, and more responsive.

What is Enterprise Architecture? Should I attend Dallas Enterprise Architecture classes?

Web Age Enterprise Architecture classes in Dallas, Texas”
Enterprise Architecture is essentially a map of all IT assets and business processes along with a set of governance principles with the goal of creating an unified IT environment (standardized hardware and software systems) that aligns with the organization’s business strategy.

Most enterprise architecture frameworks contain four basic domains:

  1. Business architecture: documentation of the most important business processes;
  2. Information architecture: identifies where important information, such as customer data, are kept and how to access;
  3. Application system architecture: a map of the relationships of software applications to one another; and
  4. Infrastructure technology architecture: a blueprint of all hardware, storage systems, and networks.

Web Age Solution’s Enterprise Architecture Training explores the fundamentals and popular frameworks such as Zachman, The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®), Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF), Ministry of Defense Architecture Framework (MODAF), and TRAK. It aims to provide a broad awareness for the implications of EA and how to best support its adoption through changes to people, processes, and technology and is often a first step on the path to Enterprise Architecture certification.

Enterprise Architecture Events in Dallas

Enterprise Architecture Course Listings

In Dallas and elsewhere in the state of Texas, we have trained for:

  • Verizon in Irving, Texas
  • Texas Instruments in Richardson, Texas
  • Nielsen Media in Dallas, Texas
  • Texas Instruments in Austin, Texas
  • CVS in Richardson, Texas

Here are some reviews from past students who completed our Enterprise Architecture classes in Dallas:

“Exactly what we were looking for.”
— Nielsen Media, Dallas, Texas

“Overall, a great course for people doing IMS transaction programming.”
— Texas Instruments, Richardson, Texas

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