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Dallas was not only named as one of the top 5 up and coming tech hubs in the US by Forbes, it was also named as the 4th best tech city to work in by SmartAsset. While Dallas may not be the first city you’d think of when it comes to thriving tech industries, it actually has the largest share of Texas’ tech employees, and is home to around 11,000 tech businesses. Each year Dallas adds more available tech jobs than it produces trained, and highly skilled tech graduates, creating a shortage of available tech talent in the area. To meet their staffing needs many companies will need to either train their existing team or hire from outside of the state to fulfill tech roles within their organization. To ensure that your business has the skilled employees needed to adapt and grow in an ever-evolving market, it’s essential that you invest in training your team in the latest technology and management methods. Web Age Solutions offers IT classes in Dallas that are a leading training solution for enterprise level businesses looking to invest in their team. Learn more about our Dallas IT classes below.

Dallas IT Classes From Web Age Solutions

Our IT classes in Dallas offer a simple and effective way to keep your team up-to-date with all of the latest advancements in technology and project management methods. With over 20 years of experience offering IT training in Dallas and throughout the US we have the experience needed to provide enterprise level businesses with cutting edge educational courses. Our aggressive training options are the perfect solution for businesses looking to advance their team and individuals seeking additional skills. Our educational IT courses in Dallas are available in three ways, which are traditional classroom lessons, video courses, and online classes. Our IT training in Dallas options can be personalized to meet your business’ needs and can provide certification in many of the key IT areas.

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Dallas IT classes offered by Web Age Solutions are available in the following areas:


Adopting Agile practices can make a huge impact on the productivity and effectiveness of a development team. Agile methods advocate the use of iterative development techniques, where the product is developed one small step at a time. The foundation of the process is to drive teams through short sprints of productivity with the aim of producing small product releases with each sprint. This system allows user feedback to be built into the development process, with user comments used to determine upcoming sprints. This evolving production process doesn’t cause problems as the Agile team is designed to be flexible and adaptable. One of the many great advantages of the Agile methodology is that teams managing all kinds of product development, not just software, can adopt it. Our range of Agile courses includes team member specific training and courses suitable for the whole team.


Building enterprise architecture that supports your business and your team is vital for the efficiency and future of your company. An organization’s architecture is more than just a map of the business; it plays an integral part in aligning your business structure with the organization’s strategy. A strong architecture can help your business build a united IT environment that empowers your business growth. Our training courses provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to create a cohesive framework between information architecture, business architecture, infrastructure technology architecture, and application system architecture. Methodologies covered by our architecture courses include The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®), Zachman, TRAK, Ministry of Defense Architecture Framework (MODAF), and the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF).


The ever-advancing world of technology will bring an increasing number of opportunities for businesses to utilize Big Data to improve their performance. However, many organizations are not yet ready to handle the storage, management, and analysis of the sheer volume of data generated by everyday business activities. When businesses get weighed down with data that they are not equipped to use, it becomes a tension point that needs to be dealt with if a business is going to use it’s most valuable possession—data—to make smart business decisions. One of the biggest challenges with Big Data is developing an IT infrastructure that’s capable of handing the velocity, volume, and variety of data generated every day. Web Age Solutions offers a large selection of courses designed to help you train your team to manage and analyze your business’ Big Data. Investing in Big Data training is more than just an investment in your team, it’s also an investment in your business. Big Data analysis can help a business improve efficiency, understand consumers, and reduce spending. Our Dallas Big Data courses cover a variety of subjects including Data Science and Hadoop Programming.


Switching your business IT solutions, such as servers and databases, to the cloud can help your business adopt the latest technology without requiring investment in on-site systems. The cloud computing industry is developing at a rapid rate, with many businesses switching to cloud IT solutions. This growth in cloud services is also driving the need for skilled tech workers who are trained in cloud architecture. Web Age Solutions has created a selection of cloud computing courses that cover leading cloud options such as OpenStack, Azure, and AWS.


DevOps is one of the most difficult roles to fill in any business. Why? Because it requires a unique combination of skills that’s uncommon in the average applicant. DevOps provides a vital link between the development and operations teams, which helps empower your teams to work as one cohesive unit. Bringing a well-qualified DevOps manager into your business will provide a number of benefits, including improved productivity and efficiency. Web Age Solutions has created a range of DevOps coursed designed to empower your team to train in skills that will build a lean and flexible software development process within your business. DevOps managers build cohesion between all team members involved with the software development process, including software developers and system operators. Investing in DevOps training is an expense that will quickly be recouped, as the improved connections between IT teams will result in higher quality software releases in a shorter periods. Our selection of Dallas DevOps courses are suitable for a wide range of roles, with many specifically targeted at key members of the IT team including business leaders and engineers. Whether you’re looking for DevOps process training, or management tool classes, we have the right course to get you started.


JavaScript is a powerful coding language that’s commonly used in web development. With website functionality continuing to evolve and focus increasingly moving towards interactive content, JavaScript training is essential for many roles in a web development team. JavaScript is used to power many of the key features on websites, apps, and games—if you’re interested in a career in developing in any of these areas you’ll need to be highly skilled in JavaScript. Just like other technology, JavaScript is continuing to evolve; businesses need to keep their team up-to-date with all of the latest developments in order to stay ahead of their competition. We offer a large range of JavaScript courses that cover advances in all of the leading frameworks including Node.js, AngularJS, and ReactJS.


Web Age Solutions Angular training introduces the Angular framework, which has become a popular JavaScript framework for the development of “single page” Rich Internet Applications. The Angular framework augments applications with the “model-view-controller” pattern which makes applications easier to develop and test because there is a separation of responsibilities within the code. When first released, the next generation of the ‘AngularJS’ framework was called ‘Angular 2’. Since new releases will make this term outdated, the current terminology for the framework is simply ‘Angular’. We will update our Angular training to incorporate any major revisions to the Angular framework.
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