WebSphere MQ Programming

WebSphere MQ Programming

WA1305 WebSphere MQ C++ Programming

This three day course teaches students how to develop MQ business applications using the MQI Classes for C++.

WA1263 JMS Programming for WebSphere MQ

This course is intended for experienced Java programmers who need to learn Java Messaging Service (JMS) programming techniques specific to the WMQ messaging provider.

WA1227 WebSphere MQ Application Programming and Design for Distributed Platforms

This four day course is using the standard MQ programming course material (Procedural WA1044 or Java WA1055) with additional advanced programming techniques and design topics. Additional topics include JMS concepts, Point-to-Point design, Publish-Subscribe design and Messaging Architecture topics.

WA1044 WebSphere MQ Application Programming for Distributed Platforms

This three day course teaches students how to develop business applications using the IBM MQI for procedural programming languages.