WebSphere ILOG JRules Training and Courseware

WA2180 Rule Authoring in IBM Websphere JRules Rule Team Server

This class is targeted for the people who will be responsible for authoring, testing, and maintaining business rules within the IBM Websphere JRules Rule Team Server, or the more recent IBM Websphere Operational Decision Management (WODM) Decision Center.

WA2179 Agile Business Rule Development for Business Analysts

This class is targeted to people who will, 1) be responsible for capturing, documenting and analyzing the business rules relevant to a domain, 2) collaborate with developers to set-up the rule authoring infrastructure in JRules 7.1, 3) author and test business rules in JRules 7.1, and 4) collaborate with developers to set-up rule governance processes.

WA2178 Agile Business Rule Development with IBM Websphere JRules

This class is targeted to developers who will be responsible for, 1) setting up the rule authoring environment, 2) integrating the Business Rule Management System (BRMS)—IBM Websphere ILOG JRules 7.1/WODM7.5—with the business application, and 3) setting up the rule testing environment.

WA2177 The business case for business rules

This is a one day class aimed at decision makers that presents the business case for business rules.