WebSphere Application Server 6.0 Administration Training and Courseware

An application server is a software component used to serve web requests. It provides support for the various J2EE standards and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) standards. It acts as the runtime container for user applications. IBM WebSphere Application Server is one of the most popular application servers in the market. The WebSphere Application Server curriculum provided by Web Age Solutions is second to none. We offer practical guidance and experience-driven learning surrounding the administration, development, and deployment of J2EE applications for WebSphere Application Server. In addition participants can choose to take specific advanced level WebSphere Application Server courses that suit their profile. These courses are offered in the areas of Advanced Administration, Security, Performance and Programming. The courses also provide best practices and other practical information gained by our courseware developers' hands-on experience with WebSphere Application Server.

WA1523 WebSphere 6 Security Administration and Programming

This course delves deep into the security administration of WebSphere Application Server v6. It also teaches the security programming model of J2EE. Creating secure applications and web sites requires close cooperation between the developers and the administrators. Keeping that in mind, this course is targeted towards the developer and the administrator community.

WA1517 WebSphere Application Server 6 Overview for Managers

This course provides an overview of IBM WebSphere Application Server v6 and is intended for managers with teams working on different areas of WebSphere Application Server. This course clears the air on the application server's functionality and its different features. Having understood the key features of the product and its capabilities, participants will be better able to allocate resources in this area.

WA1359 WebSphere 6 Performance Tuning and Methodology Workshop

This course provides in depth information on how to tune WebSphere, database server, web server and the operating system to extract the last drop of performance. It covers performance tuning methodology, how to detect a bottleneck and common problems and solutions. After taking this class, students will be able to methodically create a stress testing plan and find bottlenecks and resolve them.

The students will perform hands on lab to create test scripts, perform stress test and gather key performance numbers. The class is generic as far as the stress testing tool is concerned. The concepts learned in this class can be used with any tool of choice.

WA1352 WebSphere Application Server 6 Administration for V5 Administrators

This training course is designed for WebSphere v5 administrators who want to learn the new v6 features. Learn how to install and configure WAS V6, as well as deploy applications and migrate existing V5 infrastructure. This course also teaches the mechanisms of how to tune the performance of deployed applications.

WA1327 WebSphere Application Server 6 Administration

This course teaches the basics of the administration and deployment of web applications in the IBM WebSphere Application Server V6 Network Deployment environment.

WA1318 WebSphere Application Server 6 Administration on Linux

This course teaches the basics of the administration and deployment of web applications in the IBM WebSphere Application Server V6 Network Deployment environment. The lab exercises are run on Linux.