Web Development Training and Courseware

WA1925 Enterprise Web Development using HTML5

HTML5 is a major revision of the HTML standard. A collection of new features - rich typography, native audio & video, powerful drawing and image manipulation API – allow you to create web pages with unparalleled user experience. Native HTML has many benefits over Flash and enterprise developers will be asked to use it more and more. This class is meant for experienced HTML developers who are already familiar with web site development. They will be able to upgrade their skills to the HTML5 level. Lab exercises are done using plain text editor. This allows you to have a close contact with the HTML5 syntax.

WA1935 Mastering jQuery

jQuery is a JavaScript toolkit that significantly simplifies rich web based application development. This course teaches a developer all aspects of jQuery based application development. The class is not specific to any vendor's platform and it equally applies to Java, .NET, PHP etc. All labs are done using plain web server and editor.

WA1938 JavaServer Faces (JSF) Web Application Programming using WebLogic Server 11g and JDeveloper

This training course introduces the developer to the JSF architecture and provides the basis for planning, developing, and deploying Web based applications using the JSF framework. After taking this class, the developer will be able to quickly construct dynamic server-side web applications using JSF.  Labs are done using JDeveloper development tools.