Web Age Solutions provides comprehensive TOGAF® training to enable students prepare for the TOGAF®Certification Exam and achieve TOGAF® certification.


These TOGAF® training courses include practice tests to prepare the student for the TOGAF® Certification Exam. Web Age Solutions knows there is more to enterprise architecture than passing an exam. The TOGAF® courses are also designed to:

  • Train new architects being brought into a TOGAF® EA capability.
  • Support organizations adopting TOGAF® considering TOGAF® adoption, or looking to integrate TOGAF® into their current EA capability.
  • Enable organizations already using TOGAF® to evaluate their own practices against the standard.


There are several options for training, including traditional classroom courses, live virtual courses, and soon, online video training.

The TOGAF® 9.1 Certification consists of two exams which must be passed in order to become certified.

The level one exam tests your basic knowledge of TOGAF® and is heavily focused on ensuring you understand the TOGAF® terminology and the basic purpose of the TOGAF® components.

The level two exam is much different from the level one exam. It has 8 multiple choice questions. Each question contains a scenario which is about a page in length followed by a question and the multiple choice answers.

Upon passing both exams, you will become TOGAF® certified.

Web Age’s training courses are designed not just to prepare students for the TOGAF® certification exams (which are administered by a third party), but also to give students the practical tools for performing architectural work.