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SOA for Business Analysts Training and Courseware

WA1974 Modeling Business Process Using IBM Process Designer 8.0

This course teaches how to model and optimize business processes using IBM Process Designer (formerly WebSphere Lombardi edition). Students will learn the theory of BPMN. They will be able to capture the description of a business process in a use case and then convert that into a model.

WA1477 Mastering Service Oriented Analysis and Design

SOA requires a new methodology for analysis and design. This class is designed for the Business Analysts (BA). The course contains comprehensive coverage of the theory of analysis and design for SOA applications.

WA1516 Business Process Modeling for SOA

This course introduces the participants to the theoretical aspects of process modeling. This course explores the forces driving the need for modeling business processes, the modeling effort as a project, and the critical success factors for making the effort successful. The course provides a way to document, understand, analyze and improve business processes.

The focus of the course is not any specific modeling tool. Instead, it tries to explain the principles of process modeling. For the lab exercises, the class uses Eclipse SOA Tools Platform's process modeling tool and IBM's WebSphere Business Modeler.

WA1443 Fundamentals of WebSphere Business Modeler

The objective is to learn to model business processes, understand and define the various roles and responsibilities in business processes, perform analysis and generate reports using WebSphere Business Modeler Advanced edition.

WA1426 WebSphere Business Modeler for Business Process Management

This course introduces the participants to Business Modeling. The course also introduces the fundamentals of Service Oriented Analysis and Design (SOAD). The course uses IBM WebSphere Business Modeler Advanced edition as the modeling tool. A well-constructed business process model can help modelers identify inefficiencies and problems with business models earlier in the cycle and eliminate those hidden inefficiencies leading to savings in costs and improving performance.

WA1549 SOA Best Practices for Business

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a popular and innovative approach to Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). It is process-centric, leveraging Business Process Management (BPM) techniques, and inundated with standards and strategies, necessitating formal governance. With so many facets to SOA, and the break-neck pace of the industry, it is no wonder that organizations are in need of solid best practices guidance.

This course addresses best practices, design patterns, and recommendations tailored to the business side of SOA. For information on our Best Practices course for the technical side of SOA, check out WA1560.

The course offers practical knowledge regarding the right and wrong way to adopt SOA within an organization. Teams that are relatively new to SOA will learn valuable knowledge and skills regarding how to implement SOA right the first time. Experienced SOA teams will extend their understanding of SOA and gain insight into advanced concepts and strategies.

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