Security & Cyber Forensics Training and Courseware


Through our partnership with CompTIA, we provide the best CompTIA training to get your IT career on the move and help you prepare for numerous CompTIA certifications.

TP2526 CCFP (Certified Cyber Forensics Professional)

This is five-day class designed for the person who wishes to take and pass the CCFP exam. Students will learn basic forensic science along with the concepts of phone and computer forensics.


This course can be done in 4 or 5 days (the difference being the experience level of students). And covers the latest (2015) objectives (the new 8 domains).  IT fully covers all the items needed to take and pass the CISSP test.


This is another course that can be 4 or 5 days and covers all the requirements (as of 2015) for ISACA’s Certified Information Security Auditor exam.


This is a four day course coving all 8 domains of the CSSLP.

TP2727 DevSecOps Training: Introduction to Security in SDLC Application Modernization

InfoSec is getting all brains in the game to recognize patterns and best practices for keeping data, applications, and infrastructure as code.  With the world moving to Cloud-native, containerization, DevOps, and Agile there are doors opening for attack vectors that are only effectively dealt with by getting “all brains in the game”.  This DevSecOps training covers areas that are key to prescriptive prevention, predictive identification, and timely repair & recovery from attacks.

TP2809 CISSP Prep

This course prepares students for the CISSP exam, covering all 8 domains:

  • Domain 1: Security and Risk Management
  • Domain 2: Asset Security
  • Domain 3: Security Architecture and Engineering
  • Domain 4: Communication and Network Security
  • Domain 5: Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Domain 6: Security Assessment and Testing
  • Domain 7: Security Operations
  • Domain 8: Software Development Security

TP2810 CSSLP Prep

This course follows specifically the ISC2 objectives for this certification test.

TP2811 Introduction to Metasploit

This course teaches the use of Metasploit as a penetration testing tool.

TP2812 Cryptography

In this training, attendees will learn:

  • Essential math for cryptography
  • Algorithms
  • Applications (TLS, Bitcoin, VPN, etc.)
  • Things to look for when selecting cryptography.

TP2813 Financial/Banking Security

This course is customized to if the specific customer needs.  The course description here is a general overview and meant to me tailored to fit specific needs.

TP2814 ICS/SCADA Security

This course is customized to if the specific customer needs.  The course description here is a general overview and meant to me tailored to fit specific needs.

TP2819 Secure Programming

This course can be customized for any programming language the customer prefers: Java, C, C++, C#, PHP, etc.

TP2846 Ethical Hacking: Hacking and Penetration Testing

This course is a general hacking and forensics course. It is not an EC-Council course, but does cover the objectives for the CEH v9. It also covers some topics not on the CEH such as:

  • More with Metasploit
  • Malware writing
  • Dark web basics
  • Pen Testing Standards

TP2881 Certified Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)

This official ISACA CRISC certification course provides you with in-depth coverage on the four CRISC domains: risk identification; IT risk assessment; risk response and mitigation; risk and control monitoring and reporting.