OpenStack Training and Courseware

WA1826 Designing Cloud Computing Solutions using OpenStack

Cloud Computing requires a degree of cognitive shift on the part of technologists working on designing solutions for the Cloud. This two day class provides students with a frame of reference of needed concepts, means and techniques that will enable them to make informed decisions when designing solutions for the Cloud. This hands-on workshop includes 9 labs, 4 of which use OpenStack to illustrate the main aspects of the IaaS platform.

WA1929 Cloud Essentials for Architects using OpenStack

Cloud Computing is gaining increasing attention within enterprises of all shapes and sizes, but few technologists actually know how to properly scope, design, and construct Cloud solutions. Taking standard software applications, databases, and user interfaces and deploying them in a Cloud environment is a recipe for disaster. Proper scoping, usage modeling, and careful design are all essential to success in the Cloud. This two day class begins with an examination of the Cloud Computing concept, the structure and key characteristics of Clouds, and takes a look under the hood at how they operate. From there, students are introduced to a Cloud Reference Model and explore various aspects of Cloud solution design from discovery throughout the lifecycle of a Cloud solution all the way to retirement. Special attention is given to requirements and Cloud utilization analysis, Cloud solution design strategies, and deployment scenarios. Upon completion of this course, students will have an understanding of the Cloud Computing environment and practical experience in designing, developing, and deploying Cloud-based solutions. This class consists of 25% hands-on labs in an actual OpenStack Cloud Computing development environment, and 75% lecture and discussion. Students should have some hands-on experience developing software, but the focus of the course is upon architecture and design considerations within the Cloud.

TP2670 Openstack Essentials

This three day course is for administrators, deployment engineers, or other IT team members responsible for the installation and deployment of OpenStack. Through the process of manually deploying OpenStack, rather than depending on deployment tools and scripts, students learn where to identify issues and how to overcome hurdles for when things go wrong. The course provides participants with a detailed understanding of all of the steps necessary to deploy an OpenStack environment from scratch.

TP2730 OpenStack Essentials 101

The course is designed to allow technical IT professionals with no experience or knowledge of OpenStack to learn about the essentials, understand and start working with the OpenStack suite of products. Prior experience in virtualization, OpenSource operating systems and basic posix command line skills and networking experience are desired but not mandatory to attend this course.

TP2731 Linux Container Essentials 101

Linux Container Essentials delivers an introduction to Linux Containers and the three industry leading ecosystems that support running Linux Containers - LXC/LXD, Docker and Kubernetes.