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Open Source Training and Courseware

Often one of the primary motivations for adopting open source is to reduce costs associated with the solutions developed to address business or technical needs. However, simply because you are trying to reduce costs does not mean you are reducing expectations for success. Since open source is often used without paid external support, knowledge about the open source technology or environment being used is often a larger factor in the success of the overall solution. At Web Age Solutions our primary goal is always providing the knowledge you need to be successful. To promote this we have assembled all of the courses we provide that relate to open source so it is easier to find the courses that might be appropriate for you. We can also use the broad experience of our technical team with many different platforms and environments to provide guidance in selecting ways that your organization might effectively utilize and migrate to open source technologies and products.


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US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887