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Web Age Solution’s NoSQL Training plays an important role in enabling your organization to supplement your conventional storage and querying systems based on the relational database model with NoSQL (Not Only SQL) systems. Using the expertise obtained in our NoSQL Training courses you can be ready for the challenges of the modern world of information technology. Web Age Solution’s NoSQL intensive training courses provide both theoretical and technical aspects of using NoSQL systems including such systems as MongoDB and Cassandra. The courses are supplemented by hands-on labs that help attendees reinforce their theoretical knowledge of the learned material.

About NoSQL: The Volume, Variety and Velocity characteristics of Big Data are not easily accommodated by conventional relational database technologies due to a number of limitations:

  • Expensive to scale (both vertically and horizontally)
  • Strict database schemas (enforced by DDL)
  • The need to know upfront the proper level of table normalization

All those shortcomings can be efficiently overcome with NoSQL systems.

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Our courses

TP2483 MongoDB from the Ground Up

This course covers MongoDB, what new opportunities and techniques it opens up, and how to leverage its power for your demanding application development! Students will learn through hands-on labs and lecture; all examples and scenarios discussed are presented using real- world situations. At the end of the course students will have a solid foundation for using and running MongoDB, and will be well-prepared to start using this powerful NoSQL solution to develop your applications.

WA2351 Cassandra DevOps

This is a fast paced, vendor agnostic, technical overview of the Cassandra database. No prior knowledge of databases or programming is assumed, although having some basic experience with relational/SQL databases and Java will help. This survey course is targeted towards both technical and non-technical people who want to understand the emerging world of Big Data, with a specific focus on Cassandra. In each sub-topic, the instructor will provide links and resource recommendations for students who want to explore that area further (for example, YouTube videos, books, blog posts). Students will be given a ~150 page PDF slide deck which can be used as reference material after the course. PDFs will also be given out for the 5 labs in the course.

This three day Cassandra course will be a dev-ops type of course, essentially a hybrid developers and operations course. The class is 60% lecture and 40% labs.

WA2342 NoSQL Architecture Comparison

The NoSQL (Not Only SQL) persistence systems space offers a great variety of solutions that may be overwhelming.  This class aims at helping the attendees  understand the challenges of the emerging world of Big Data as well as identify suitable use cases for a variety of NoSQL systems such as Pig, Hive, HBase, Cassandra and MongoDB.

The attendees will also be given some underlying architecture details of those NoSQL systems to enable them make informed decisions about using NoSQL systems when they return to work.

WA2268 Big Data and NoSQL for Developers

This course provides application developers with technical overview of Big Data as well as NoSQL (Not Only SQL) database systems.  Effective use of NoSQL systems and understanding the appropriate ways of handling Big Data leads to the creation of the next-generation of high-performance and robust solutions.

WA2266 Development with MongoDB

MongoDB is an open source document-oriented NoSQL (Not Only SQL) database written in C++.  Effective use of MongoDB, understanding its data structures and optimal ways to program to its API aids in creating high-performance and robust solutions in small start-ups and big companies alike.

WA2192 Introduction to Big Data and NoSQL

We live in the information age where business success is grounded on the ability of organizations to convert raw data coming from various sources into high-grade business information.

Many organizations are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information they have to process in order to stay competitive.  Traditional database systems may become either prohibitively expensive to handle the exponential growth of data volumes or found unsuitable for the job.  At this point, the data gets mystically morphed into the Big Data.

This course provides an introduction to Big Data as well as NoSQL (Not Only SQL) database systems.  The fundamental concepts of and ideas behind Big Data / NoSQL technologies are methodically explored and many buzzwords demystified.  The course is supplemented by hands-on labs that help attendees reinforce their theoretical knowledge of the subject.