Mobile Requirement Gathering Training and Courseware

Mobile app projects comply with the basic tenets of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) that postulates the presence of the requirements gathering step.  Requirements gathering in mobile projects, while not so dissimilar to that of other IT projects, has its own specifics.

System and Business Analysts, Managers, Information Developers, Software Architects and Designers, QA Professionals, Sales and Marketing specialists will find training offered in the area of mobile requirements gathering  by Web Age Solutions Inc. useful and rewarding .  The mobile requirements gathering training received at Web Age Solutions Inc. will help your organization build the solid requirements base for your mobile projects.

WA2203 Introduction to Requirement Gathering for Mobile Applications

This course is an introduction to management of requirements in mobile projects. It starts by introducing the concepts and ideal for someone who is going to be involved in the requirements management phase of a software project. Hands on exercises allow the students to apply the principles learned throughout the course.