“It’s all about the data.”  This statement is as trite as it is true.  The modern enterprise is consistently turning to new and innovative solutions such as business process modeling, service oriented architecture, application design, enterprise alignment, and more.  The fact remains that if the underlying data is scattered, disorganized, inconsistent, and otherwise unreliable, then anything built on top of that data is in jeopardy.

Symptoms of data mis-management include…

  • Manual validation of report data to ensure accuracy.
  • Discrepancies in enterprise data across divisions.
  • Reports with disparate terms, categories, and scoring frameworks.
  • Multiple points of data entry and data maintenance.
  • Increasing reliance upon nightly batch jobs to clean data.

To address these challenges, and more, your organization needs Master Data Management (MDM) education and mentoring from Web Age Solutions.

Master Data Management Training

  • MDM for Executives (half-day) – Business overview, value proposition, real world case studies, opportunities and risks, adoption and next steps
  • MDM Primer (1 day) – Overview, value proposition, MDM components, real world case study analysis, risks, opportunities, business stakeholder involvement, adoption strategies
  • MDM Workshop (2 days) – MDM Primer (see above) plus: designing the master data model (physical, logical, and published), data warehousing, bottom-up vs top-down designs, MDM patterns and anti-patterns
  • MDM Bootcamp (3 days) – This intensive hands-on course is targeted at data architects, data modelers, and others that are looking to build skills in the identification, design, and implementation of Master Data and its respective metadata

If you are interested in MDM within the context of SOA, please see our class WA1605 SOA Data Modeling

MDM Mentoring

Master Data Management requires an extensive degree of analysis, design, and architectural modeling savvy in addition to the change management, governance, and stewardship challenges that must be addressed at an organization level. Web Age Solutions has extensive experience in these areas and our subject matter experts and mentors have a solid track record of working with enterprises of all shapes and sizes on their enterprise-level MDM initiatives.

We offer mentoring in the following aspects of MDM:

  • MDM Business Case Analysis and Development
  • MDM Adoption Roadmap Planning
  • Master Data Identification and Modeling
  • The analysis, design, and implementation of MDM patterns and strategies
  • Establishing MDM Governance and Stewardship

Contact your Web Age account manager for more information regarding our mentoring solutions.