IoT Training and Courseware

TP2795 Internet of Things (IoT) For Leaders and Managers

This configurable three-day class examines the Internet of Things (IoT), platforms and applications.

TP2796 Programming InfluxDB Kickstart

InfluxDB is a backing service for time series data that is becoming increasingly popular.  Errplane introduced InfluxDB in 2013 as a backing service for performance monitoring and alerting.  In a short time, InfluxDB has become a widely used backing service for Internet of Things, DevOps, and real-time Analytics & Machine Learning applications for time-series data ingestion, analysis and visualization. Errplane became InfluxData in 2015.  InfluxData provides open source and commercialized versions of InfluxDB, as one of the leading time series platform to instrument, observe, learn and automate any system, application and business process across a variety of use cases. This is a hands-on course for building software solutions using InfluxDB. Learn the fundamentals required to implement complex and sophisticated applications that leverage the unique capabilities of InfluxDB.