iOS Development Training and Courseware

The iOS mobile operating system from Apple Inc. is a very popular mobile platform that has more than 1 million applications offered through Apple's App Store.

Web Age Solutions Inc. offers iPhone / iOS development training courses for a variety of target audiences ranging from developers and designer to business users.   Business users will also benefit from attending iOS training classes that have material tailored for their needs.

TP2718 iOS 11 App Development using Swift

This course is designed to train both novice and experienced developers how to create native iOS 11 Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod using the Swift programming language. Created by experienced iOS developers, the course places a very strong emphasis on hands-on learning through a multitude of exercises and demonstrations. Students will be guided through a wide variety of in-class Labs specifically designed to offer practical solutions to common problems that address real-world production needs. Topics covered include: Multi-View Apps, Design-Patterns, Data-Persistence, Core Data, Web-Services, JSON and XML parsing, Maps and Location Services, working with Images and Animations, and handling Gestures.

An in-depth look at the Xcode 9 IDE and its many features and tools will also be included.

TP2620 iOS 10 Development with Swift

This 5-day course teaches attendees how to build iOS 10 native applications for iPhone and iPad using the Swift programming language (version 3) and Apple's Xcode IDE (version 8).

TP2516 iOS 9 Development with Objective-C

This 5-day course teaches attendees how to build iOS 9 native applications for iPhone and iPad using the Objective-C programming language and Apple's Cocoa Touch framework.

WA2405 iOS 9 App Development using Swift

This 5-day course provides in-depth coverage on how to build iOS 9 native applications for iPhone and iPad using Swift and Apple's Cocoa framework.

WA2361 Mobile Development Bootcamp

There are many ways to do mobile development — are mobile web applications, native applications and hybrid applications. Every organization that develops a mobile presence must decide which type of applications to build. Many organizations will build a combination of the three basic types.

Students in this five day course will explore all of the different types of mobile development. After completing this course students will be equipped to help select the appropriate development strategy(s) for their organizations.

WA1998 Introduction to iOS Platform for Business Users

This course is meant for IT managers and product managers who need to understand the fundamentals of the iPhone platform.