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Our Hadoop Programming offerings plays an important role in enabling your organization to capitalize on this opportunity. With the current speed of data growth, you can no longer have one big server and depend on it to keep up. Using the knowledge derived from our Hadoop Programming courses, you can scale out. Hadoop deployment model allows you to buy a load of commodity servers, build your own Hadoop cluster, and then let it spread data across the cluster, thus allowing you to have a scaled-out architecture. Web Age Solution’s Hadoop Training covers both development and administration of Hadoop. Our Hadoop Training courses cover Hadoop Ecosystem Overview, MapReduce, Pig Scripting Platform, Apache Hive, Apache Sqoop, Cloudera Impala and Apache HBase.

Big Data draws a lot of attention nowadays. The decreasing cost of disk storage has made it practical to retain data which would have been thrown away only a few years ago. This development, along with new data processing techniques and the increasing compute power readily available to organizations, provide the opportunity to find insights and hidden relationships in structured and un-structured content alike. Equipped with this newly acquired knowledge, organizations are much better positioned to make informed tactical and strategic decisions critical in today’s very competitive world. Sign up today for one of our instructor led Hadoop Classes and Learn Hadoop now.

Our Hadoop Programming courses continues to be in high demand. The popular courses are:

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Web Age Hadoop Classes can be delivered in traditional classroom style format. Web Age Hadoop Classes can also be delivered in a synchronous instructor led format.

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Our courses

TP2749 Advanced Hive for HDP Developers

This is a beginner to advanced level training course on Hive. The course will use Hive bundled with Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP 2.6) version.

TP2750 Spark Deep Dive Using SCALA Training for HDP Developers

This is an in-depth training course in Spark Core, Spark SQL and Spark Streaming using Scala. The course will use Spark 2.0 (or higher) on HDP 2.5 version (or higher). Zeppelin notebooks will be used for performing interactive data exploration through Spark and Eclipse will be used for developing batch/micro-batches in Spark.

WA2622 Hadoop Programming on the Hortonworks Data Platform for Managers

This training course introduces the students to Apache Hadoop and key Hadoop ecosystem projects: Pig, Hive, Sqoop, and Spark. This training course is supplemented by a variety of hands-on labs that help attendees reinforce their theoretical knowledge of the learned material and gain practical experience of working with Apache Hadoop and related Apache projects.

WA2503 Hadoop Programming on the Hortonworks Data Platform

This training course introduces the students to Apache Hadoop and key Hadoop ecosystem projects: Pig, Hive, Sqoop, Oozie, HBase, and Spark.

WA2490 Spark Fundamentals

Success of many organizations depends on their ability to derive business insights from massive amount of raw data coming from various sources.

Apache Spark offers many engineering improvements over the traditional MapReduce programming model as implemented in Hadoop by providing multi-pass in-memory processing of data which boosts the overall performance of your ETL and machine-learning algorithms. 

TP2455 Apache Spark Training: Introduction to Apache Spark

The Introduction to Apache Spark training course teaches developers the fundamental Spark APIs .   This four day course uses lectures and hands-on exercises to get developers up to speed using Spark for data exploration and analysis.

TP2424 Hadoop Training: Administering Hadoop

This 5 day training course provides System Administrators with a detailed understanding of all the skills required to operate and manage Hadoop clusters. It covers Installation, Configuration, Monitoring and Performance Tuning of Hadoop clusters in diversified Environments.

WA2422 Java Development for Apache Hadoop

Apache Hadoop is gaining popularity with many organizations seeking ways to cost-efficiently derive business insights from the massive amounts of data they generate in running their businesses.  Hadoop is written in Java and Java is the primary programming language used to fully unleash the power of the Hadoop analytics platform based on the MapReduce programming model.

WA2341 APACHE HADOOP TRAINING: Hadoop Programming on the Cloudera Platform

This training course introduces the students to Apache Hadoop and key Hadoop ecosystem projects: Pig, Hive, Sqoop, Impala, Oozie, HBase, and Spark.