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Executive Strategy Training and Courseware

WA1548 SOA for Executives

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) delivers business agility by aligning the goals of IT and executive management supported by a configurable technology infrastructure. In a world where market adaptation is key, SOA enables businesses to be more agile and respond quickly to opportunities that arise within their customer base or the market at large.

This half-day seminar introduces SOA, process-driven business alignment, corporate and technology governance, and provides a realistic look at the SOA value proposition. This seminar will provide decision makers with the essential understanding of service orientation, process-driven alignment, and governance to evaluate the implications of SOA upon their business.

WA1725 Master Data Management (MDM) Executive Overview

One of the most valuable assets that your enterprise possesses is your data.  It represents a critical element of your organization’s intellectual property.  The trouble is that for many enterprises, their data is spread across multiple disparate data stores, complete with inconsistent data structures, non-standard naming conventions, duplicate data, and conflicting data representations.

Master Data Management (MDM) is an enterprise alignment strategy aimed at unifying your organization’s data into a coherent whole.  MDM provides an overarching methodology for resolving data fragmentation.  Data fragmentation results in duplicate data, inconsistent information sets, and stale or out-of-data reports.  MDM addresses all of this from a comprehensive perspective and ensures that your data management strategy aligns with your business objectives.

This course will provide your organization’s senior management team with an understanding of MDM, its business value, and practical steps to managing the opportunities and risks associated with adopting MDM within your enterprise.

WA1592 Web 2.0 Executive Overview

Web 2.0 holds tremendous potential for enterprises of all shapes and sizes.  The network has evolved from being a mere conduit for exchanging files, into a full-fledged ecosystem that is capable of facilitating collaboration and innovation.

This half-day seminar introduces Web 2.0 and the shift toward incorporating progressive Internet technologies such as wikis, blogs, data feeds, podcasting, instant messaging, and social networking into the enterprise intranet (“Enterprise 2.0”).  Additionally, the subject of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) will be explored, bringing desktop-grade user interfaces to thin clients such as browsers and mobile devices.  Finally, significant attention will be given to the value proposition and ROI offered by Web 2.0 / Enterprise 2.0.

US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
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