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CICS/TS - CICS Transaction Server for z/OS Training and Courseware


This course begins with an introduction to the ISPF menu structure, menu navigation, and dataset description.  Next, the ever-useful Program Function (PF) KEYs and their functions are presented and discussed.  Utility functions to ALLOCATE a new dataset, DELETE a dataset, and COPY one dataset to another are demonstrated. The Primary and Line commands of EDIT are covered in detail. Next, Job submission and output review also covered. Lastly, we review the use of the HELP facility to review and / or to learn more about ISPF functions.

Several hands-on exercises provide experience in the use of ISPF facilities including menu structure navigation, file allocation and deletion, copy data from one dataset to another and the Help facility.

WA1875 Job Control Language (JCL) and z/OS Utilities

This course is a combination of lecture, discussion and hands-on lab sessions. First, an overview of JCL is given which describes the purpose of JCL, its relationship to the operating system, and the format / rules for coding. Next, the JOB, EXEC and DD statements are covered extensively. The purpose and use of each statement is described in detail; along with many parameters available to provide information to the operating system. Procedures and several commonly used IBM utilities are covered in detail. Recognize, analyze & correct typical ABENDs “caused” by JCL “errors”.

WA1877 Basic Assembler Language Programming

This course introduces students to the basic skills required to write assembler programs using the IBM High Level Assembler (HLASM).

Students will code Assembler programs with the following capabilities –

  • Use Character, packed and binary data instructions
  • Edit input data and build output reports
  • Processing data in tables
  • Build program linkage
  • Code data management macros
  • Use dumps to debug Assembler language program S0C7 abends
  • Developing larger programs using multiple base registers
  • Creating and using DSECTs.

Students will code, assemble and execute a series of programs using fixed point and decimal instructions and file access.


The course starts with an overview of structured programming concepts.  The four divisions of a COBOL program and their functions are reviewed in detail.  Students will gain hands on experience through a series of class discussions and workshop exercises that include several modifications to a skeletal COBOL program.  File processing, program looping, conditional program statements, and table processing are covered in detail. Development of clear and understandable program designs is stressed along with building maintainable programs. Program debugging techniques are also discussed.

WA1269 CICS/TS Structure and Problem Analysis

This course covers the internal structure of CICS/TS and basic debugging skills. Course to cover CICS/ESA V4.1 is still available on request. Hands on labs are used in learning how to use CICS transaction dumps, system dumps with IPCS and traces in problem determination tasks.

US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887