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Angular 12 Training and Courseware


angular 12 training

Angular 12 Training
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Live and online Angular 12 Training courses with our top rated instructors and Angular experts will help you learn Angular and build responsive, enterprise-strength applications that run smoothly on desktop and mobile devices.

Any Angular 12 Training course can be customized to fit your team's needs, goals, and level of expertise.

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WA3076 Advanced Angular 12 Programming

Take your Angular web apps to the next level with this Advanced Angular 12 Programming course.

Have you been using Angular at work for a while and want to take your skill to the next level? Then this Advanced Angular 12 course is for you. Our customers repeatedly told us about the challenges they are facing in their Angular projects. We have designed this course to directly address them.

This Advanced Angular 12 Training course will take you deeper into the platform. Our Advanced Angular training course gives experienced Angular developers more tools and techniques to improve the functionality and performance of their Angular projects.

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angular 12 training


WA3140 Angular Unit testing with Jasmine

Unit tests are the base platform of programming tests, the piece you should build before you create other kinds of tests or even your core code. 

In this two day Jasmine course, students will gain a solid understanding of Unit Testing fundamentals and how to effectively apply them in Jasmine.

Examples and hands-on labs, include noth core JavaScript and TypeScript/Angular.

Get ready to master the leading unit testing framework!


jasmine training


WA3142 Comprehensive Angular 12 Programming

This intensive 5-day Angular 12 training course is a combination of theoretical learning and hands-on labs that includes an introduction to Angular, followed by TypeScript, components, directives, services, HTTPClient, testing, and debugging.

This Angular 12 Training course is packed with useful and actionable information you can apply to your work right away. Learn the fundamentals of basic Angular 12 development such as single-page browser applications, responsive websites, and hybrid mobile applications. 

Get started today with Angular 12 - the most popular platform for building front-end web applications!


angular 12 training

WA3149 Introduction to Angular 12 Programming

Learn Angular 12, the latest production release of Google's popular TypeScript-based web framework!

The Introduction to Angular 12 Programming Training course offered by Web Age Solutions covers all the essential topics and is designed to get students up and running with Angular 12 development in the shortest amount of time.

Developers and Application Designers as well as those who are tasked with supporting Angular 12 applications will gain valuable knowledge required for success in their job roles while taking this course.  

Get started with the new Angular 12 today!

Introduction to Angular 12 Training

WA3150 Intermediate Angular 12 Programming

Master Angular 12, the latest version of Google's popular TypeScript-based web framework!

Web Age Solution's Intermediate Angular 12 Programming training covers more advanced topics of this next generation of the Angular framework. This Angular 12 Training course is intended for those that already have a basic understanding of the Angular 12 fundamentals and now want to cover more advanced features the Angular 12 framework offers.

This Angular 12 Training course includes advanced topics not covered in our 3 day Introduction to Angular 12 Programming class.  

Don’t lose any time, gain an edge and start developing in Angular 12 now!

intermediate angular 12 training

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