Duration: 3 days


This DevOps Big Bang training course teaches participants how to use the essential packages, deployment architectures, workflows, and installation methods available in Big Bang. Attendees learn how to customize Big Bang, integrate KeyCloak and Kiali, and troubleshoot common issues. By the end of this course, students will confidently work with its components, deploy applications efficiently, and leverage its capabilities to contribute effectively in diverse technology environments.


  • Define and explain the concept of Big Bang, including its components and advantages in modern technology landscapes
  • Identify and analyze essential packages within the Big Bang ecosystem, such as application utilities, collaboration tools, and developer tools
  • To understand their respective use cases, compare and contrast different deployment architectures for Big Bang, including airgap deployment and QuickStart deployment
  • Demonstrate the ability to deploy applications efficiently using Big Bang, following the appropriate deployment workflows and utilizing relevant repositories
  • Install and configure Big Bang effectively, including using templates and AddOns for customization, while ensuring the installation's security
  • Customize the Big Bang Umbrella Helm Chart and enable AddOns to tailor Big Bang to specific use cases and requirements
  • Integrate and utilize KeyCloak and Kiali with Big Bang, understanding their respective architectures and contributions to security and monitoring
  • Troubleshoot common issues that may arise during Big Bang deployments, including Iron Bank issues, Flux Install issues, Git issues, ConfigMap and Secret issues, and Helm Release issues
  • Apply the acquired knowledge and skills to work confidently with Big Bang, deploying applications effectively and leveraging its capabilities in diverse technology environments
  • Contribute effectively to organizations by utilizing Big Bang to its full potential and optimizing deployments for enhanced monitoring and observability


  • DevOps Engineers
  • Kubernetes Developers
  • Security Engineers 
  • Cloud Developers


Students should arrive at class with a comprehensive understanding of the following topics:

  • Essentials of Linux
  • Fundamentals of DevOps
  • Managing Containerized Application Using Docker and Kubernetes
  • Good understanding of Helm 
  • GitOps using Flux and ArgoCD

Outline for Big Bang Setup and Exploration Training

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Big Bang
    • What is Big Bang
    • Components of Big Bang
    • Big Bang Advantages
    • Where Big Bang fits in Platform1
    • Kubernetes Applications used by Big Bangs
  • Chapter 2: Essential Big Bang Packages
    • Application Utilities
    • Cluster utilities
    • Collaboration Tools
    • Core DSOP reference Architecture apps
    • Developer Tools
    • Library charts
    • Product Tools
    • Sandbox
    • Third-party tools
  • Chapter 3: BigBang Deployment Architectures
    • Explore Big Bang Deployment Objective
    • Deployment Architectures
    • Airgap Deployment
    • QuickStart Deployment
    • SSO QuickStart Deployment
    • Multiple ingress  Deployment
    • BigBang template from DoD Platform one
  • Chapter 4: Exploring BigBang Deployment Workflows
    • BigBang  Deployment Facts
    • BigBang  Deployment Layers
    • Repositories  for BigBang
    • Deployment Workflows
    • Normal Deployment Workflow
    • CICD pipeline deployment workflow
    • BigBang Cluster pyramid
  • Chapter 5: Big Bang Installation and Product Offering
    • Big Bang and ByoC
    • Installation Process
    • Big Bang Charter
    • Big Bang Responsibility Matrix
    • Big Bang as Product
  • Chapter 6:  Big Bang Installation
    • Installation Methods 
    • Installing using Template
    • Adding AddOns
    • Securing Installation
  • Chapter: 7 Customizing BigBang
    • How to customize the Big Bang Umbrella Helm Chart
    • How to enable Big Bang Addons
    • Enable the ArgoCD Add On and configure it to point to a git repo
  • Chapter: 8 KeyCloak in BigBang
    • KeyCloak overview
    • KeyCloak Architecture
    • KeyCloak Big Bang
    • Dependent Packages
  • Chapter: 9 Kiali and Big Bang
    • Big Bang and Kiali Architecture
    • Kiali Dependency
    • External Service Configuration
    • Configuring Single-sign-on
  • Chapter: 10 Big Bang Troubleshooting
    • Monitoring Big Bang Components
    • Identify Candidates that can create issues
    • Iron bank Issues
    • Flux Install issues
    • Git Issues
    • ConfigMap and Secret issues
    • Helm Release issues
12/18/2023 - 12/20/2023
10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time
Online Virtual Class
USD $1,995.00
01/29/2024 - 01/31/2024
10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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03/04/2024 - 03/06/2024
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