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Progressive Web Application Development using Entity Framework Core and Blazor Training


Do you want to write rich web UI experiences with HTML, CSS, and C# — without using JavaScript? With the foundational knowledge of Blazor, you will be able to replace JavaScript for front-end development with C#, ideal for organizations that use C# for development.

This 3-day intensive course, which includes both theoretical learning and actionable labs, enables students to apply Blazor to their workplace. Key areas of focus include creating modern Progressive Web Applications with Blazor, understanding the principles of Blazor components, and enabling PWA functionality in existing and new Blazor applications.

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In this training, attendees will learn how to:

• Install and use the Entity Framework package to work with databases on the server-side

• Install packages required to develop the client-side Blazor applications

• Use components, service & dependency injection, layout, and routing

• Enable the Progressive Web Apps features in an application by creating service workers

• Use the Progressive Web Apps features, such as push notifications and storage with IndexedDB


Attendees should have familiarity with .NET and C#. Basic knowledge of JavaScript is useful but not necessary.


Three days

Proven Results

"The Instructor was very knowledegable and patient with the students. He was able to use the training technology efficiently to highlight the screen and bring attention to examples he was conveying. During labs, The Instructor was also able to quickly identify solutions to issues that students were having. Keep up the good work!"

"The Instructor was great in explaining the technology. The tools he used were very helpful in being able to follow with more complicated concepts."

"The Instructor answered questions very well, even though some of them were out of scope. He knew the material in and out, and was not worried of talking about material outside of it, even pointing us to useful resources."

"The Instructor did a great job explaining complicated concepts in a simple manner and the labs and reference material was very well presented."

"The course material was very easy to follow and the the labs did a good job demonstrating the concepts being taught."


blazor training


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Outline of Progressive Web Application Development using Entity Framework Core and Blazor Training

Chapter 1. Introduction to Blazor, Entity Framework Core, and Progressive Web Apps

What is Microsoft Blazor

What is Entity Framework Core

What is Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Relationship between C#, LINQ, Entity Framework Core, JavaScript, HTML, and Razor.

Comparing Blazor to Angular and React.

Chapter 2. Installing the Packages and Working with Git


Entity Framework Core

ODP.NET for Oracle

Working with Git on Azure DevOps Services

Chapter 3. Getting Started with Entity Framework Core

Entity Framework Core Overview

Installing Entity Framework Core

Modelling using Code First

Modelling using Database First

Using Fluent API

Chapter 4. Querying and Saving Data with Entity Framework Core

Basic Queries with LINQ

Calling Stored Procedures

Using Include and Then Include

Controlling the Tracking Behaviour

Saving changes

Performing Bulk Insert

Implementing Transactions

Chapter 5. Getting Started with Blazor

Creating a Blazor Hello World Application

Understanding the Razor fundamentals

Chapter 6. Working with Blazor Components

Working with Components in Blazor

Using C# in Components

Parameterize Components

Understanding Component Life Cycle

Binding - One-way data binding

Binding - Two-way data binding

Binding - Event binding

Chapter 7. Advanced Blazor Component Concepts

Render Raw HTML

Render Child Content

Using RenderFragment

Using RenderTreeBuilder

Using @key and @attribute

Chapter 8. Layout and Routing

Creating a Master Layout

Implementing Routing

Using URL Helpers

Chapter 9. Forms and Validation

Using EditForm

Implementing Form Validation

Using @ref


Chapter 10. Dependency Injection & JSInterop

Understanding Dependency Injection (DI)

DI with Default Service

DI with Custom Service

Call a JavaScript Function

Call C# from JavaScript

Chapter 11. Debugging & Deployment

Debugging a Blazor Application

Deploying a Blazor Application

Upgrading a Blazor Application

Chapter 12. Securing a Blazor Application

Blazor Authentication

Using ASP.NET Core Identity and JWT

Chapter 13. Best Practices

Project Structure

Optimizing the Startup Time

Optimizing Rendering Performance

Optimizing the Application Download Size

Chapter 14. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) Overview

Understanding the features of a progressive web app

Getting started with a Blazor PWA

When to create offline apps

Using Service Workers

Customizing the application appearance

Adding Push Notifications

Controlling Caching


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