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Snowflake Cloud Data Platform from the Ground Up Training

This Snowlflake training course introduces students to Snowflake, a fully-managed, terabyte-scale Cloud Data Platform that you can run on any major cloud platform, be it Microsoft Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud.  As an added value, Snowflake enables you to replicate and synchronize your data across the points of deployment on different cloud platforms.

Upon completion of this Snowflake training, the students will be prepared to confidently begin to apply their knowledge in practice, solving their specific data processing and analysis problems.

Watch Now! Snowflake Training:
An Introduction to Snowflake.


The audience for this Snowflake training course, is business analysts, architects, system integrators, software engineers, and technical support staff.


Basic knowledge of programming and SQL is a prerequisite for this Snowflake training course.

Snowflake Training Duration 

2 days


Outline of Snowflake Cloud Data Platform from the Ground Up Training

Chapter 1. Introduction to the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform

  • What is Snowflake?
  • Certifications
  • Snowflake Conceptual Architecture
  • Core Underlying Design Considerations
  • Core Services and Tools
  • Snowflake Editions
  • The Standard Edition
  • The Enterprise Edition
  • The Business Critical Edition
  • Virtual Private Snowflake
  • Billing: The Cost Components
  • Data Storage Segments
  • Parts of Snowflake that Incur Compute-related Costs
  • Summary

Chapter 2. Snowflake's Web UI

  • Web UI (Web Portal)
  • The Landing Page
  • Snowflake Roles
  • The Roles UI
  • Databases
  • Shares
  • Data Marketplace
  • The Warehouses UI
  • Worksheets
  • History
  • A History Sample
  • Account
  • Operational Transparency: Controlling the Usage of Your Account
  • Create Network Policy Dialog (under Account > Policies)
  • Preview App
  • Summary

Chapter 3. Designing Data Warehouses in Snowflake

  • What is a Virtual Data Warehouse ?
  • The Warehouse-Database Relationship
  • Matching Your Needs
  • The Auto Suspend/Resume Features
  • Multi-cluster Data Warehouses
  • The Concept of the Snowflake Compute Credit
  • Compute Sizing
  • Example of Calculating Monthly Compute Charges (Credits)
  • Operations
  • Creating a New Warehouse
  • Database Objects
  • Tables
  • Table Storage Types
  • Table Constraints
  • Search Optimization Service
  • Table Data Types
  • Data Loading
  • Views
  • Zero-Copy Cloning Feature
  • The Programming Capability
  • Continuous Data Protection Lifecycle
  • Summary

Chapter 4. Querying for Insights in Snowflake

  • Supported SQL Standards
  • Ways to Query Data in Snowflake
  • Snowsight Experience
  • The TOP/LIMIT Syntax
  • Comments
  • Pagination
  • Support for Window Functions
  • CTEs (Common Table Expressions)
  • Approximation Functions
  • Summary

Chapter 5. Designing Data Warehouses in Snowflake

  • The Programming Capability
  • Returning a Value
  • User-defined Functions (UDFs)
  • UDF-Related DDL Commands
  • A UDF Example
  • Stored Procedures
  • DDL Commands Related to Stored Procedures
  • JavaScript-based Stored Procedure
  • A Stored Procedure Example
  • Accessing the Return Value of Stored Procedures
  • External Functions
  • Summary

Chapter 6. Data Import and Export in Snowflake

  • Bringing Data Into Snowflake: the Import Tools
  • Data Stages
  • Import Process using a Stage
  • Example of Using the Put Command
  • Example of Using the Copy Into Command for Data Import
  • Snowpipe
  • Using Snowpipe
  • Taking Data out of Snowflake: the Export Tools
  • The Export Process
  • Data Export Example
  • Summary

Lab Exercises

Lab 1 - Signing Up for the Free Trial of Snowflake 

Lab 2 - The Snowflake Web UI 

Lab 3 - Creating and Working with Databases in Snowflake 

Lab 4 - Querying Data in Snowflake 

Lab 5 - Common Table Expressions (CTEs) 

Lab 6 - Window Functions in Snowflake 

Lab 7 - The Time Travel Feature of Snowflake 

Lab 8 - Understanding Stored Procedures and UDFs in Snowflake 

Lab 9 - SnowSQL Command-Line Interface 

Lab 10 - Data Import Using SnowSQL Command-Line Interface 

Lab 11 - Understanding Snowflake Users and Roles


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