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Workflow Management with Apache Airflow Training

Apache Airflow is a configuration-as-code OSS solution for workflow automation that is positioned as a replacement of cron-like scheduling systems.

Written in Python, Airflow enables developers to programmatically author, schedule for execution, and monitor highly configurable complex workflows.


Developers, Architects, Process Automation and Data Management Practitioners


Participants should be familiar with Python syntax (or have a background in programming)


Two days

Outline of Workflow Management with Apache Airflow Training

Chapter 1. Apache Airflow Introduction

  • A Traditional ETL Approach
  • Apache Airflow Defined
  • Airflow Core Components
  • The Component Collaboration Diagram
  • Workflow Building Blocks and Concepts
  • Airflow CLI
  • Main Configuration File
  • Extending Airflow
  • Jinja Templates
  • Variables and Macros
  • Summary

Chapter 2. Apache Airflow Web UI

  • Web UI - the Landing (DAGs) Page
  • Web UI - the DAG Graph View
  • Run Status Legends
  • The Pause Button (Trigger Latch)
  • The DAG Triggering/Job Checking Sequence
  • The Control Panel for a Task
  • Sample Log File Messages (Abridged for Space)
  • Summary

Chapter 3. Anatomy of a DAG and Scheduling

  • What is a DAG?
  • Scheduled and Manually Triggered DAG Runs
  • The DAG Object
  • Tasks
  • Task Lifecycle
  • Operators
  • Idempotent Operators
  • Operator Types
  • Airflow Common Operators
  • Specifying Dependencies
  • Associating Operators with a DAG
  • Associating Operators Using the "With DAG" Statement Example
  • Associating Operators with DAG Using the Operator's Constructor
  • The default_args Parameter
  • Passing DAG Parameters Through Web UI
  • DAG Run Scheduling
  • Examples of the schedule_interval Parameter
  • DAG Scheduling Nuances
  • Understanding The Backfill Process
  • Killing/Stopping DAG Runs
  • An XCom Messaging Example
  • Summary

Lab Exercises

Lab 1 - Learning the Lab Environment

Lab 2 - Learning the Airflow Working Environment

Lab 3 - Airflow DAG – the First Cut

Lab 4 - Scheduling Jobs

Lab 5 - Backfilling

Lab 6 - Passing Parameters

Lab 7 - XCom Messaging

Lab 8 - Task Branching

Lab 9 - Understanding Re-tries

Lab 10 - Using SimpleHttpOperator

Lab 11 - The Task Branching Project

Lab 12 - Backfilling Project

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