In order to get the most out of this class, you must be familiar with Linux, understand some JSON, and be comfortable with web services and REST.    


Two days

Outline for Fundamentals and Architecture of the Elastic Stack 7 Training

Day 1


  • Fundamental Architecture and Configuration of ES 7
  • Installation and Configuration of ES 7 in your own environment
  • Settings to know in ES
  • Creating Search Indices and Mappings
  • Queries and Text Analysis
  • Search Full-text and structured Data in your own lab
  • Exploring Ingestion in Elasticsearch
  • Aggregation capabilities with bucketing and
  • Special to ES 7
  • ES SQL
  • Types and type mappings
  • Index lifecycle management


Day 2

Logstash + Beats

  • Fundamentals and Architecture of Logstash and different Beats
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Streaming Data
  • Pre, Mid, and Post filters for Logstash
  • Using Filebeats, Metricbeats, and more


  • How Kibana fits into the Elastic Stack
  • Searches
  • Visualizations
  • Dashboards

The Elastic Stack as a whole

  • Operational Considerations for the Stack
  • Deploying on Elastic + Public Cloud
  • Security Considerations
  • Options for running your own Elastic Stack
    • Locally
    • Deploying on Elastic + Public Cloud
  • X-pack for Monitoring, health, scaling and more