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EKS 2 Day Hands On Workshop for EKS Beginners Training

Kubernetes is the new emerging standard for multi-cloud deployment and yet according to recent research and yet many engineers have moved away from self-hosted Kubernetes options and onto managed services like AWS' Elastic Kubernetes Service. If you are already familiar with Kubernetes and AWS or have taken our EKS Absolute Beginner's workshop then this workshop is for you.


Two days

Outline of EKS 2 Day Hands On Workshop for EKS Beginners Training

Using your AWS account, you will go through the following:
In this workshop we will cover in order the following:

  • Setting up a K8s client environment on AWS’ Cloud9 IDE including ssh keys, secret/access keys, kubectl, and eksctl setup.  
  • Learn how to automatically launch EKS kubernetes clusters using eksctl.
  • Deploy the Kubernetes Dashboard and some sample microservices using an AWS elastic Load Balancer.
  • Deploy Helm v3 and explore how to add Chart Repositories to your Helm setup
  • Test auto scaling applications
  • Learn Role Based Access Control and how to create IAM roles for service accounts
  • Learn how to secure your EKS cluster for Production use with Network Policies
  • Practice assigning Pods to specific nodes and how to set affinity
  • Setup the addition of Spot instances to your on-demand EKS cluster setup
  • Learn how to create Stateful Sets
  • Deploy the Fargate Launch Type (previous use was EC2 launch type)
  • Encrypt and Manage Secrets with both AWS Key Management System and Keymaps
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US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887