Course #:WA2729

Angular 6 Deep Dive Training

This course covers various advanced topics that will be of interest to the experienced Angular developers.


  • Very good understanding of Angular.
  • WA2725 Comprehensive Angular 6 Programming Training


2 days

Outline of Angular 6 Deep Dive Training

Chapter 1. Angular Universal

  • What is Angular Universal?
  • When to use Angular Universal?
  • Generating static site
  • Rendering HTML in the server
  • Use with Java backend
  • Use with ASP.NET backend

Chapter 2. Advanced RxJS

  • Publish/subscribe using the Subject API
  • forkJoin
  • switchMap
  • tap
  • debounce
  • reduce
  • first, last, skipUnitl, takeUntil
  • retry on HTTP error
  • Create custom operators

Chapter 3. Custom Directive Development

  • Custom attribute directive
  • Custom structural directive

Chapter 4. Custom Validator Development

  • Basic validator function
  • Validator directive
  • Async validator

Chapter 5. Distributing Angular Modules

  • Controlling visibility of components and services in a module
  • Packaging a module as an NPM package
  • Installing an NPM package from local file system or GitHub
  • Using the distributed Angular module

Chapter 6. Angular Application Security

  • Preventing cross-site scripting (XSS)
  • Content security policy (CSP)
  • Trusting safe HTML
  • Prevent Cross-site request forgery
  • Prevent Cross-site script inclusion (XSSI)

Chapter 7. Internationalization (I18N)

  • Setting the default locale
  • Using locale with Pipes
  • Translating component templates
  • Build an application with translated text

List of Labs

Implement Angular Universal with Java backend
Advanced RxJS API
Develop a custom attribute directive
Develop a custom structural directive
Develop an Async validator
Distribute a module as an NPM package
Create a multi-lingual application

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