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Scrum Lego Game Training

In the Scrum Lego game, one or more teams work together with a customer or product owner (usually played by the trainer) to construct a city, primarily with legos. The product owner begins by presenting a prioritized backlog of buildings he or she requires, and the teams helps clarify the requirements. An estimation round can be performed to help the teams size the buildings in terms of complexity. Teams then proceed by pulling items from the backlog, one by one and starting from the top, that they feel can be finished in a sprint of 7 minutes. The sprint begins when teams feel uncomfortable enough with the amount of work they have selected but are willing to give it a try. A large countdown timer is displayed and the teams have 7 minutes to finish the work. After the first sprint, the product owner reviews the results with the teams. Changes are discussed and specifications are clarified when a building was built incorrectly. A short retrospective can be done and the teams proceed with two additional sprints. The game finishes with a global retrospective on “lessons learned”.


Course is designed for 3-4 hours


Scrum, Team Building, Inspection and Adaption


  • 30 min: Welcome & Break into teams
  • 45 min: Scrum Overview
  • 15 min: Games Explanation and rules
  • 15 min: Team Planning
  • 7 min: Sprint 1
  • 7 min: Demo & Retro 1
  • 7 min: Sprint 2
  • 7 min: Demo & Retro 2


Remaining rounds are spent with 7 min Sprint & 7 min demo\retro.

The game finishes with a global retrospective on “lessons learned”

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US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887