Cassandra Operations and Performance Tuning Training

Course #:WA2538

Cassandra Operations and Performance Tuning Training


This class teaches configuration, operational, and performance tuning skills needed to administer an Apache Cassandra cluster.

Who should attend

Developers and operations who have a fundamental understanding of Cassandra.



●      Review Cassandra Architecture

●      How to effectively add/remove nodes in a cluster

●      Manage replication

●      Cassandra performance tuning



3 Days

Outline of Cassandra Operations and Performance Tuning Training

Managing a Cassandra Cluster

●       Bootstrap new nodes into a cluster

●       Understand cleanup operations

●       Remove downed nodes

●       Decommission nodes

●       Replace downed nodes


Maintaining a Cassandra Cluster

●       Change the replication factor

●       Understand repair operations

●       Perform backup and recovery

●       Rebuild index


Implementing a Multiple Data Center Cluster

●       Importance of multiple data centers

●       Implementing a second data center


Performance Tuning

●       How data modeling affects performance

●       Workload characterization

●       Performance characteristics of your cluster

●       Drill-down analysis

●       Latency analysis

●       Thread state analysis

●       Easy performance tuning wins

●       I/O (including hardware)

●       JVM & memory

●       Compaction

We regularly offer classes in these and other cities. Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Calgary, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, Montreal, New York City, Orlando, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington DC.