Agile Project Management using JIRA Software Training

Course #:WA2504

Agile Project Management using JIRA Software Training

This course introduces students to JIRA Software which is one of the most popular agile project management tool. Agile methods help in accelerating the delivery of initial business value. Continuous planning and feedback ensures that value is maximized throughout the development process. JIRA Software lets you manage project backlog, plan and execute sprints, and manage releases. It also lets you view useful reports, such as, velocity, various burndown / burn-up charts.

What you will Learn

  • What is JIRA Software?
  • Managing agile projects using JIRA Software
  • Managing project backlog
  • Managing iterations / sprints
  • Managing releases / versions
  • Managing project components
  • Managing security
  • Managing fields and screens
  • Managing custom issue types
  • Viewing various burn-down/burn-up reports


WA1984 Real World Agile Training


1 Day

Outline of Agile Project Management using JIRA Software Training

1. JIRA Overview

  • Understanding what JIRA is
  • Understanding JIRA Products differences
  • Understanding issue types

2. Navigating JIRA

  • Connecting to JIRA Software
  • Navigating various screens

3. Managing Projects

  • Understanding JIRA Project
  • Project Key and renaming caveats
  • Learning about JIRA Component

4. Managing Versions

  • Understanding versions in JIRA
  • Understanding how versions are used as releases
  • Managing versions

5. Managing Issues

  • Understanding various issue types in JIRA
  • Managing issues

6. Managing Sprints

  • Understanding sprints
  • Starting a sprint
  • Tracking a sprint
  • Closing a sprint

7. Managing Fields & Screens

  • Understanding custom fields
  • Understanding custom screens
  • Associating fields to screens
  • Understanding screen schemes

8. Searching & Using JQL

  • Searching for issues using basic filter
  • Searching for issues using JQL
  • Sharing filters with other users

9. Managing Security

  • Understanding permissions
  • Learning difference between group and role
  • Creating security template
  • Associate security scheme to projects

10. Creating Dashboards & Reports

  • Learning various miscellaneous reporting options
  • Creating Dashboards
  • Viewing Reports

11. Managing Issue Types

  • Creating custom issue type
  • Understanding difference between issue type and issue type scheme


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