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Course #:WA2460

JBoss Training: Overview of JBoss RHQ and JBoss Operations Network (JBoss ON)

This 1 day JBoss Operations Network training provides an overview of the features of JON (JBoss Operations Network), an enterprise management solution for JBoss servers and other middleware products.  This course also covers RHQ which is the upstream open-source project for JBoss Operations Network.  The course covers installation of JON/RHQ and some of the key features, like inventroy, configuration, and monitoring of managed resources.

This 1 day course is an excellent "add on" for the 4 day JBoss administration course, WA2060 JBoss AS 7 and JBoss EAP 6 Administration.  Even when using the JON/RHQ products, it is important to know how to administer and configure the JBoss servers that are being managed.  These two courses can be combined for a full week of training.

What you will learn

After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Understand the JON/RHQ architecture and capabilities.
  • Install and configure a JON installation
  • Configure plugins, and set up agents
  • Understand and work with inventory - import resources, browse and search, control their display
  • Configure JBoss AS 7 / EAP 6 for management by JON/RHQ
  • Use the monitoring capabilities
  • Create and configure alerts and notifications


1 day

Outline of JBoss Training: Overview of JBoss RHQ and JBoss Operations Network (JBoss ON)

Chapter 1. RHQ / JBoss Operations Network (JON) Overview

  • RHQ / JBoss Operations Network (JON)
  • Features
  • Architecture
  • RHQ Agent
  • GUI Console
  • RHQ / JON CLI Scripting
  • Summary

Chapter 2. RHQ Installation

  • RHQ Prerequisites
  • Supported Databases
  • Database Setup
  • Server Setup
  • Server Directory Structure
  • Configuration Properties
  • Starting the Server
  • Running as a Service
  • Agent Configuration
  • Administering Plug-ins
  • Summary

Chapter 3. RHQ Inventory

  • Inventory Feature Overview
  • Auto-Discovery
  • Importing Resources
  • Viewing Inventory in the Console
  • Resource Detail
  • Controlling Resources
  • Summary

Chapter 4. Managing Configuration With RHQ

  • Configuration Feature Overview
  • Configuring JBoss Servers
  • Deploying Applications
  • Provisioning With Bundles
  • Configuration Drift
  • JBoss Patch Deployment
  • Summary

Chapter 5. RHQ Resource Monitoring

  • Monitoring Feature Overview
  • Monitoring Resources
  • Metrics
  • Monitoring Configuration
  • Baselines
  • Response Time Monitoring
  • Alerts
  • Alert Notifications
  • Summary
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US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887