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Ext JS 5 training: Ext JS Bootcamp

ExtJS 5 Bootcamp is an instructor-led course designed to introduce you to the fundamental concepts of building cross-browser compatible mobile and desktop apps using Sencha Ext JS 5.x. This course serves as the foundation of our Ext JS Bootcamps. Solutions are provided for each exercise to help you if you get “stuck” on a particular step.


  • Rapidly develop applications for multiple browsers, form factors, screen resolutions, and devices.
  • Load data from remote servers.
  • Output structured data into different views- including grids, trees, charts, custom markup, and tab-based forms.
  • Render and manipulate PDF, image, and spreadsheet file assets.
  • Efficiently handle user interactions.
  • Implement drag & drop interfaces.
  • Save data to a database
  • Upload files to an application server
  • Persist user settings between sessions.
  • Theme your applications with custom icons, colors, and backgrounds.
  • Use responsive configurations to change the layout of your application based on form factor.
  • Create optimized production builds of your apps.
  • Create and run automated test scripts to identify bugs in your app.
  • Generate world-class searchable and cross-indexed documentation for your source code.
  • Extend the capabiliities of the Ext JS 5 framework


  • To realize the maximum value from this bootcamp, prospective students should have: Intermediate-level experience with JavaScript
  • Intermediate-level experience with CSS / HTML 5
  • Familiarity with full-stack web application development concepts


5 Days

Outline of Ext JS 5 training: Ext JS Bootcamp

1. Introducing the Course

2. Getting Started with Ext 5

  • Introducing Sencha Ext JS 5.x
  • Reviewing Application Architecture
  • Introducing the Class System, MVC, and MVVM Architectures
  • Generating App Scaffolding with Sencha Cmd
  • Using the API Docs
  • Debugging and Troubleshooting Your App
  • Getting Help from the Sencha Network

3. Defining Views

  • Deep-Diving Into the Sencha Class System
  • Creating Component Views
  • Working with Containers
  • Working with Panels, Toolbars, Buttons, and Menus
  • Introducing ViewControllers
  • Working with Tab Panels
  • Instantiating Views from Routes / Supporting the Browsers "Back" Button
  • Implementing Windows and Floating Components
  • Implementing a Dashboard with Draggable Portlets

4. Interfacing with an App Server

  • Initiating Background Data Requests
  • Implementing User Authentication and Authorization
  • Binding to a ViewModel
  • Defining Data Models
  • Defining Data Connections
  • Loading Multiple Records into a Store

5. Implementing Grids

  • Viewing Stores in Grids
  • Using Grid Widgets
  • Handling Large Datasets
  • Grouping Grid Data
  • Using Grids to Edit Data

6. Generating Markup from Data

  • Working with XTemplates
  • Generating Markup from Stores with the DataView
  • Handling Multimedia
  • Animating the DataView

7. Using Trees to Manage Hierarchies

  • Working with Tree Models and Tree Stores
  • Implementing a Tree Grid
  • Working with Heterogeneous Node Types
  • Implementing Editable Trees

8. Visualizing Data in Charts

  • Getting Started with Charts
  • Generating Bar, Column, and Line Charts
  • Generating Gauges

9. Maintaining State

  • Introducing State Management
  • Adding State Management Capabilities to Non-Stateful Components

10. Implementing Data Entry Forms

  • Introducing Ext JS 5 Forms
  • Integrating the TinyMCE 4 WYSIWYG Editor
  • Synchronizing a Grid to a Form
  • Applying Data Validation on the Client and Server
  • Submitting Data to the App Server
  • Handing File Uploads

11. Theming Your Application

  • Introducing Theming, Sass, and Compass
  • Working with Variables and Rules
  • Using Mixins
  • Implementing Responsive Design

12. Going into Production

  • Documenting your App with JSDuck
  • Testing your App with Jasmine and Siesta
  • Creating Testing and Production Builds

13. Special Topics in Ext JS

  • Patching and Extending the Library
  • Building Custom Components with Ext.Element
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US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887