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SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 Administration Boot Camp Training

This 2 day interactive Boot Camp is designed for administrators or individuals about to become administrators who need to learn and understand the key concepts necessary to deploy and manage SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise 4.x application.  Some of the topics covered include an overview of the system architecture, understanding and configuring the servers via the Central Management Console  building a security model, rights inheritance and securing objects and applications via Groups and Users. The course incorporates extensive hands on exercises to reinforce the learning process.


Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Install and Deploy BusinessObjects Enterprise 4.x
  • Manage all Content within the Enterprise
  • Understand and Build Security Model
  • Understand Group and Folder Inheritance
  • Understanding Rights and Inheritance Overrides
  • Implement and Test Security Models
  • Using Promotion Management
  • Securing Universes, Connections and Web Services
  • Maintaining Authentication


  • Enterprise Architecture Overview
  • Configuring and Managing Servers
  • Developing a Security Model
  • Managing Groups and Users
  • Managing and Securing Folders
  • User and Group Management
  • Managing Universes and Connections and Web Services
  • Managing Application Security
  • Understand Universe Overrides affect the Security Model
  • Implementing Security Models
  • Using Promotion Management
  • Managing Events, Calendars and Scheduling Objects
  • Understanding and Creating Publications
  • Managing Authentication
  • Performance Improvements 


This course is designed for administrators or those who will be administrating the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise.


2 Days

Outline of SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 Administration Boot Camp Training

Enterprise Overview

  • Understanding the Web Tier
  • Understanding the Client Tier
  • Understanding the Management and Storage Tiers
  • Understanding the Processing and Data Tiers
  • What is Server Intelligence

Installation and Configuration

  • Installing the Enterprise Product
  • What is the Central Management Console
  • Performing Initial Installation Tasks
  • Configuring Servers
  • Testing Configurations

Developing a Security Model

  • What is a Security Model
  • Ways to Create/Implement a Security Model
  • What Objects and Application can be secured
  • Understanding how to build a safe, simple and Secure Model
  • Understanding Rights and Inheritance
  • Understanding Access Levels

Folder Management

  • What folders are and how they are used
  • How to create Folders and Subfolders
  • Adding objects to folders
  • Changing Object Properties
  • Adding/Maintaining Instance Settings
  • Understanding Top-Level Security

User and Group Management

  • Adding and Deleting Groups
  • Creating Subgroups
  • Adding and Deleting Enterprise Users
  • Adding Users to Groups

Universe, Connection and Web Services Security

  • How to Secure Connections
  • How to Create Connection Folders and Maintain connection locations
  • How to Secure Universes
  • How to Create Universe Folders and Maintain Universe locations
  • Understanding how Universe Overloads  (Security Profiles/Restrictions) affect the Security Model
  • Securing Web Services

Application Security

  • The Enterprise Applications
  • Understanding Security Rights for Application
  • Granting Security Rights via Group Membership

Implement and Test Security Model

  • How to Implement Security Model
  • How to Test the Security Implementation in a Step by Step Method

Using Promotion Manager

  • What Promotion Management
  • How to Use Promotion Management to Export (backup) Information using lcmBIAR files
  • How to Use Promotion Management to Import Information

Events, Calendars and Scheduling

  • What Events are and How to Maintain them
  • What Calendars are
  • How to Create and Maintain Calendars
  • How to Schedule Objects from the CMC
  • Using Instance Manager to audit and maintain schedules


  • What Publications are
  • Concepts of Publications
  • How to Create and Maintain Publications

Maintaining Authentication

  • What Authentication is
  • Difference between Authentication and Authorization
  • How to Maintain Enterprise Authentication
  • Other 3rd Party Authentication Methodologies

Class Discussion on Performance Improvements

  • Application Processing Servers
  • What Services utilize APS
  • How to Clone the APS
  • How to Create APS with Separate Specific Services
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US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887