Course #:WA2300

FICON Configuration Management Workshop Training

This workshop introduces the student to the world of the fiber optic serial interface. Students learn to plan for, evaluate, configure and manage an FICON configuration. Both IOCP and HCD considerations are covered together with studies of the physical fiber cable structure and FICON architecture, including data transmission facilities.

What you will Learn

By the end of the course, you will be able to...

  • Demonstrate the advantages of using FICON connectivity
  • Calculate the light loss for a given optical link
  • Describe the initialization process for a FICON link
  • Plan effectively for FICON control unit connectivity
  • Configure FICON hardware using IOCP and HCD
  • Describe the different models of a FICON director
  • Analyze and interpret failures on a FICON link


This class is intended for system programmers, senior operations personnel, and technical managers who require knowledge of FICON concepts, terminology and facilities, including the planning, configuring and integrating of FICON-capable hardware.


Students attending this class should have prior knowledge of IOCP coding and/or HCD Configuration methodology.


3 Days

We regularly offer classes in these and other cities. Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Calgary, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, Montreal, New York City, Orlando, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington DC.