z/OS Fundamentals Training

Course #:WA2298

z/OS Fundamentals Training

This class introduces the newcomer to the world of z/OS. It introduces the components of the z/OS package and explains the responsibilities of each of these components. It then examines how work is performed and how programs run in the z/OS environment. Concepts, terminology and acronyms associated with z/OS and MVS/ESA are explained, as is the relationship of z/OS to the world of PCs, Open Systems and Unix.

What you will Learn

By the end of the course, you will be able to...

  • Describe the main components that make up z/OS
  • Explain how work is run in the MVS environment
  • Understand how MVS manages the online transaction environment
  • Appreciate the role of z/OS and MVS in today's integrated open systems and PC based world
  • Understand what the various products in the z/OS world actually do and feel more comfortable with the myriad of acronyms used in this environment


This course is designed for anyone who needs an introduction to the world of z/OS and MVS, and is designed to give a high-level overview of that world.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


2 Days

Outline of z/OS Fundamentals Training

  • Not just a mainframe system, but an enterprise server
  • The mainframe environment
  • z/OS Network Facilities
  • MVS - the heart of it all
  • MVS Installation and Maintenance
  • Working on MVS - TSO
  • Working on MVS - Batch
  • Working on MVS - OLS
  • Data Management
  • Review and Summary
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