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Introduction to Mobile Application Development with IBM Worklight v6 Training

Participants in this two-day class will learn about the capabilities offered by IBM Worklight v6 for developing mobile web, hybrid and native mobile applications as well as integrating them with the IBM Worklight Server.  Hybrid mobile application development topics will focus on the Apache Cordova (PhoneGap) framework.  The lab environment for this course uses the Eclipse-based IBM Worklight Studio which provides an integrated client and server development environment.   The IBM Worklight Studio environment is integrated with the Google Android Platform SDK for native components development.


  • IBM Worklight Platform
  • IBM Worklight Studio
  • Client-side development
  • Server-side development
  • Integration with back-end systems
  • Secure storage facilities
  • Authentication and security
  • Hybrid mobile application development using Apache Cordova
  • Native app development in the IBM Worklight Studio


Application developers who want to learn mobile development skills required for creating mobile web, hybrid and native mobile applications as well as integrating them in the IBM Worklight platform.


Student must have:

  • Intermediate knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CSS and Java
  • Previous exposure to jQuery or similar JavaScript toolkits and libraries
  • Understanding of the fundamentals of Android Platform development
  • Experience with Eclipse IDE


 2 days

Outline of Introduction to Mobile Application Development with IBM Worklight v6 Training

1. Mobile Device Development

  • Mobile Platforms Overview
  • Types of Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Web Apps
  • Native Apps
  • Hybrid Apps
  • Development Options

2. IBM Worklight Platform

  • IBM Mobile Strategy
  • IBM Worklight Platform Architecture Overview
  • Device Runtime
  • Worklight Application Server
  • Worklight Administrative Console
  • Mobile Application Center

3. IBM Worklight Studio

  • IBM Worklight Studio Overview
  • 3rd Party Web Libraries and Toolkits Integration
  • Device SDK integration

4. Client-side Development

  • Client-side Development Overview
  • Worklight Core Client-side APIs
  • The WL.App Object
  • The WL.Client Object
  • Using Worklight’s Rich Page Editor
  • Mobile Browser Simulator
  • Environment Optimization
  • Working with UI frameworks
  • Multi-page Apps
  • Cordova Framework Overview
  • Building Hybrid Applications with Cordova

5. Server-side Development

  • Server-side Development Overview
  • Worklight Core server-side APIs
  • The WL.Server Object
  • Adapter Value Proposition for Integrating Mobile Clients with Back-end Systems
  • Built-in Adapters
  • SQL Adapter
  • HTTP Adapter
  • Cast Iron Adapter
  • JMS Adapter
  • Configuring an Adapter
  • Push Notifications
  • Direct Updates

6. Secure Storage Facilities

  • Encrypted Cache
  • Secure JSONStore
  • Comparing JSONStore and Encrypted Cache

7. Authentication and Security

  • Authentication Concepts
  • Authentication Realms
  • Authenticators and Login Modules
  • Client-side Challenge Handler
  • Security Tests
  • Form-based Authenticator
  • Adapter-based Authenticator
  • Header-based Authenticator
  • Device Provisioning
  • Auto Provisioning

8. Native App Development in the IBM Worklight Studio

  • Native App Development Overview
  • Worklight Native Device APIs
  • Developing Cordova plug-ins for Android
  • Integration of native Android Applications with Google Cloud Messaging Service
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US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887