Rule Authoring in IBM Websphere JRules Rule Team Server Training

Course #:WA2180

Rule Authoring in IBM Websphere JRules Rule Team Server Training

This class is targeted for the people who will be responsible for authoring, testing, and maintaining business rules within the IBM Websphere JRules Rule Team Server, or the more recent IBM Websphere Operational Decision Management (WODM) Decision Center.

What you will learn

Trainees will learn:

  • the basic tenets of the business rules approach, and the context within which rule authoring occurs
  • The development and run-time context for authoring rules, i.e. the development-time structures for rules (rule repositories, projects, packages), and how they map to run-time structures (rulesets, ruleflows, rule tasks)
  • The mechanics of rule authoring within the web-based rule management  tool (JRules's Rule Team Server, or its successor, WODM's decision center)
  • How to translate properly analyzed and documented business rules into executable  action rules (if-then), decision tables, and decision trees
  • How to test authored rules using decision validation services.


This targeted is targeted towards rule authors who will be responsible for authoring and maintaining the business rules of their application, during the initial release, and (mostly) rule maintenance and evolution. Rule authors need not be versed in rule discovery and analysis methodology, but should be able to read business rule requirements documents, and translate them into operational rules (action rules, decision tables, decision trees). Rule authors do not get involved in the design of the rule entry infrastructure (unlike business analysts) but need a basic understanding of the development and run-time context of the rules they will be authoring. Rule authors do not, typically, make up the business rules (unlike policy managers) but typically are business experts.


3 Days

Outline of Rule Authoring in IBM Websphere JRules Rule Team Server Training

  • An introduction to business rules and to IBM Websphere ILOG JRules/WODM
    • The business rules approach
    • The anatomy of a business rules application
    • The lifecycle of a business rule within the context of the Agile Business Rule Development methodology
    • An overview of the IBM Websphere ILOG JRules BRMS
  • Development and run-time context for business rules within the JRules/WODM BRMS
    • Rulesets
    • Rule projects
    • Rule repositories
    • Summary
  • An introduction to JRules' Rule Team Server/WODM Decision Center
    • Rules, users, and groups
    • Navigating the rule project repository
    • Managing the structure of rule projects
    • Creating and updating business rules
    • Versioning business rules
    • Summary
  • Authoring action rules
    • Structure of an action rule
    • Authoring conditions
    • Variables - take 1
    • Authoring actions
    • Variables - take 2
    • Working with collections
    • Boolean logic
  • Authoring decision tables and decision trees
    • Authoring decision tables
    • Authoring decision trees
  • Testing rules with Decision Validation Services
    • Requirements for rule testing
    • An overview of Decision validation services
    • Configuring test scenario files
    • Analyzing test reports
  • Rule governance
    • Issues in rule governance
    • Querying and analyzing rules
    • Managing the rule lifecycle with JRules RTS/WODM decision center
  • Epilogue
    • Summary
    • Best practices for rule authoring and management
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